Friday, 7 March 2014

Frolocking good Friday!!

Now I could have spent the morning at home being all domestic and fabulous, but NO!!  I thought to hell with that I am off out!!  I had a few hours to kill before a lunch date, so it seemed I was destined to do the rounds of the op shops and see what was on offer today.

First stop was Red Cross and Hospice in town which just happen to be next door neighbours so I fill up the parking meter or is that the one arm bandit?  Even though all clothes are only $2 in the Red Cross at the moment there was not a thing that beckoned me to buy it.   But in Hospice I found this gorgeous pair of new red shoes for $5 and the floral top and long line pure wool cardigan at $2.50 each.

Further down the road and another parking meter to deal with is the Salvation Army.  Well stocked and oober busy this morning and all I walked out with was this scrummy David  Pond jacket top.  Oh look it has spots and stripes!!

Round the corner and down to Frankton where there are NO PARKING METERS, I went to Red Cross, Vinnies two stores and Save Mart.  I only found the fur scarf for $3 at Save Mart. I do like a bit of fur round my chops when the cold weather sets in I do!!  I am getting picky now and very price orientated so I do not mind coming out of a shop with little or nothing.  I want bargains or incredibly good scores!!

Back into town I headed where I went to The Presbyterian Op shop and Gateway.  Not a lot to tickle my fancy apart from two pretty cotton sheets for $8, (Presby opppie) to add to the draw of other lovely old sheets.  I have another sheet dress cut out ready to throw together, so maybe this weekend??? Get back to you on that!!  Oh the Ambulance outside was attending to an old dear that had taken a turn, as the other old girls behind the counter put it.

Next thing it was time for lunch so I went and got my lovely cousin Annette and we wandered around the corner to Momento to wait for our other cousin to arrive.  We grabbed a table outside in the sunshine and fresh air (and the odd car/bus fumes and KFC wafting past).  Opposite the cafe is my favourite sculpture in Hamilton that depicts a farming family as Waikato is known for the farming that goes on.  Many a condom has ended up on parts of this during O Week over the years. (O week = Orientation Week for University and Poly Tech, a week of booze fueled activities that look incredibly good fun.)

Cousin Jan arrived and we all had a jolly good catch up.  I haven't seen Jan for quite a few years so it was lovely to reconnect.  The three of us all have the same Great Grandmother, Minnie Kerby, which will mean absolutely nothing to any of you out in blog land reading this but that is our connection.

After a pleasant lunch and catch up we went our separate ways.  But before I went home I still had one more op shop to visit.

Habitat for Humanity Re Store.  This one is huge and had quite a few temptations for me but I showed great restraint and only came out with the farking amazeball lime green and pink lace jacket, and an old tin, and the rectangular china pot that says Made in Italy on it's botty!!

I arrived home to a couple of dogs that welcomed me as though I had been away for at least four months instead of four hours.  Made a cuppa and am presently sitting relaxing in the lounge after my frolocking good time out.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


pastcaring said...

You did well! Those red shoes popped out of the screen at me, as did the little peasant-style top. And I love that bright green jacket, I think that will really suit you.
I really enjoy seeing other people's charity/op shops (why is it that where other people shop always seems more interesting than our own local chazzas?) And good to have a catch up with your cousins - lovely ladies who lunch! xxx

Vix said...

Those Ecco shoes cost a bomb here and they are lovely! What a find!
Lovely to see you chilling with your cousins, too.
Your posts always make me want to go chazzing! xxx

Sandra said...

You have the best shoes, ever! I love them, red peep toes, mary jane, little heel! flaming gorgeous! another great haul from the op-shops there, furry collars when it's cold seems to keep everything warm - it's lovely to see you with your cousins, looks like an awesome time! - have an amazing weekend!! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Wow … I can't believe you did all of that in only 4 hours. You have this charity shopping down to a fine art now.