Thursday, 6 March 2014

Successful afternoon out with the heir

If I were Queen or a humble Princess I would have done my duty by providing the Heir and the Spare.  While my Spare was at work this morning, the Heir and I went shopping.  Then after lunch I took the Heir for a job interview at the Spare's work place!!  I parked in the shade of a huge Camellia tree, (yes tree because it was far to big to be called a shrub or a bush) while he was being interviewed.

My company was the radio and these two!

The votes were counted and it turns out that this was the favourite patch on my patchwork dress!

The Spares place of work is slightly rural, so paddocks full of maize, rural mail boxes and wooden fencing.

The look of success!!
Yes that is a contract and he starts tomorrow!
So we went shopping and got him a couple of pairs of shorts and a couple of singlets, and some sunglasses for work.  I dropped him back at his flat, (he has moved again) and then I came home and BAKED!!!

Banana Bread.
(And yes it is Yum!!)

(off all of them)


Sandra said...

Congrats to your boy on getting the job! and yum banana bread, that was a good day! I made french toast with a stale banana bread, not the healthiest but was goooood! and I am guilty of a lot of the Mum's sayings, and weirdly sound like my own Mum with some (completely freaks out Mr F hahaha!) x x x

pastcaring said...

Well done to the Heir on his new job, and that banana bread looks amazing - cake still warm from the oven, mmmmm! xxx

Vix said...

Mmm, banana breads one of the few sweet things I like! Well done to your son. x

Helga! said...

Party ON! Yay for the Spare!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

You need to get Candy Crush on you mobile phone ... that's how I pass the time while waiting ... waiting ... waiting.
Weren't we wonderful wives ... dutifully providing heirs and spares.
Well done to your Heir ... hope he enjoys the new job.