Thursday, 27 March 2014

My magical bathroom scales

Most of us own a set of bastard bathroom scales.

Why we torture ourselves with the ritual of getting on these dam things with not a stitch of clothing on is actually beyond me.  I for some reason find myself stepping gently onto my bathroom scales before I get into the shower at the end of the day.  Why? I have no idea, but what I have discovered lately is that when I get out of the shower and are all clean and dry I weigh half a kilo less!!!  Maybe I should shower more than once a day.
Bloody magic!!
Other big round things are about at the moment.

Of the hot air variety.

Walking to get the mail this morning I got to see loads of them, even all the novelty shaped ones but my little handbag sized camera doesn't zoom that far. I quite like the Balloon festival that happens once a year in Hamilton.  I no longer have to take the lads to the lake in the wee hours of the morning to watch them launch, or be amongst the zillions of people that go to the night glow.  But I still enjoy seeing them floating high in the sky and I enjoy them even more when they float over my house.  Fingers crossed they head my way tomorrow morning.


Love it or hate it,
it seems to be everywhere.

The one in the middle reminds me of a drawing I did in 6th Form when our Art class went to the Auckland Museum to draw masks.

I think these artist are quite clever,
and it certainly brightens up a dull old concrete wall.

Every Wednesday I have to go to the job agency that employs me at the moment to hand in my weekly time sheet.  Every week I think how I should take a photo of this wall that is covered in colourful graffiti.  So today I did!!  I still think Graffiti is art but I don't believe tagging is.


Goody said...

I need your scale. I wonder, if I got the water hot enough could it have a sauna effect? off to try!

Thank you for visiting and commenting at my blog.

Vix said...

Those balloons are fab, I'd definitely be up at the crack of dawn to watch them.
Love graffiti, certainly brightens up a lot of our town, although I'd change my mind if someone did it on our house! x

pastcaring said...

I love to see hot air balloons, though you'd never get me up in one!
Some graffiti is very skilful and impressive, but most of what I see around here is dreary ugly tagging. Some arse has just sprayed a massive tag on the side of a neighbour's house - how bloody rude is that?
I have a suggestion for you, Sue - ditch those scales! You don't need to check them daily, before or after your shower! Go on, I dare you - bin them and set yourself free! xxx

Helga! said...

Some graffiti IS amazing! There are some really talented artists out there. Tagging, though, I loathe. It's pointless, mostly because it's unreadable!
Ugh, I don't own scales. I prefer to go by how my clothes fit.
I wouldn't mind a ride in a hot air balloon, although recent accidents make me nervous. It seems so peaceful and beautiful.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I never get on the bathroom scales ... I simply refuse to let my mood of the day be dictated to by a number. If I can do up my pants ... I'm happy.
I don't mind graffiti as art ... when it's been done well ... but I HATE the random, intrusive, ugly tagging that seems to turn up everywhere. If that's the best thing they have to do with their time ... then it's time to get a life.
As for hot air balloons ... love them ... but probably wouldn't actually get in one ... just admire from afar :0)

peaches mcginty said...

I have never had bathroom scales in all of my adult life, never! I remember the horror of regular weighing when I was a younger girl/woman *shiver*
Graffiti done well is awesome, I like it, Graffiti done by a pot head or typical cock and balls I shake my head at! Dave would love to get in a hot air balloon! I think I would just watch x x x have a great weekend Sue x x x

Freeman said...

I for some reason find myself stepping gently onto my bathroom scales before I get into the shower at the end of the day. Why? I have no idea, ...