Monday, 17 March 2014

Pull the knives out of my back please.

After such a grand night on Friday with 'My Family' (as in TOF and my boys) and my sons friends my weekend was temporarily derailed by older members of my original family.  This saddens me immensely and disappoints me that a few members seem to derive great pleasure in constantly upsetting the balance that should be a normal thing in a family.  I am so over the pettiness of you said, she said crap that comes from these people and the lies.  I almost came close to giving up my blog as they read it even tho they have nothing to do with me and then pass on snippets to each other which I suspect grow in the telling.  My Blog is my buzz, nothing less nothing more.  I share photos I take which you all know I am passionate about and most stories are about my own self.  If I take the piss it is about me, no one else.  If you don't like me then why would you even be remotely interested in reading my blog.  But I shall continue to blog and be a free thinking person with low tolerance to shit stirrers.  I am an adult not a child and maybe, just maybe these people need to grow up and get their own life.  They will not win and drag me down to their own immature level.

My mother has always said we are a dysfunctional family?  Really??  I have thoughts on that but that stay in my head along with an awful lot of other bullshit that has resulted from these people.  I have finally decided to put these people to one side.  Is this wrong? After all they are family.  I have tried for years to understand how these peoples minds operate and am at a loss and I find it unhealthy to be a part of what ever it is they are trying to achieve.  So I am sticking to the pro active people in my life not the reactive ones.  Am I alone here or do some of you have similar situations?  Maybe this is not the place to air such a personal thing but writing has always been a release for me.


Angels have Red Hair said...

You can choose your friends … but you can't choose your relatives.
I've always found it kind of crazy that we are expected to get along fabulously with everyone that has a blood connection to us … even though we may have absolutely NOTHING in common other than said blood connection.
Life's too short … you have to do what is best for YOU.

Vix said...

Other than my brother and my father (who no longer knows who I am) I don't have any blood relations. My family are Jon and my friends, many of whom I've met through blogging.
Nobody needs negativity and jealousy in their lives, cut them off and move on. You're much too fabulous to waste your precious time with people like that. xxx

Sandra said...

I'm lucky most of my lot are a pretty cool bunch, one seems to barely contain her dislike of me, she can be vicious and condescending, I could knock her out but instead I ignore her nonsense, I will have my day with her, but on my time. I can't waste my life trying to understand the actions of others and getting upset, it's their problem to solve, not mine. Jo and Vix are right, life is too short, relieving yourself of unnecessary hassles is often a liberating act x x x

pastcaring said...

If you happen to get along with your family, then that's great, enjoy them. If you don't (and there is absolutely no reason why you should) then why bother with them? Just the fact of someone being "family" doesn't mean you have to like them, or tolerate their bad behaviour. Live your life - and write your blog - exactly the way you want to, Sue. Anyone who doesn't like it? Well, they know what they can do! xxx

Connie said...

There is a small faction of my family that is all about High Drama!! So I feel for you. I just plow through and I'll bet you will, too. With a spirit as lovely as yours there's no way the negative forces can keep you down.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Shit! How did I miss this post!! Feck! Good on yer mate, feck 'em! Those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind! ♥