Saturday, 15 March 2014

The power of positive thinking

You ask, you receive!

Last night we had our eldest sons 21st Party in our back garden.  He isn't actually 21 until the 24th of this month but with loads of his mates turning 21 this month we went early.  The weather forecast wasn't looking promising but I kept telling myself it would hold off until Saturday (plus I put my wish for fine weather out into the universe), and it did.

I spent the afternoon getting chairs set up, placing candles for lighting in the garden and putting the booze on ice.  I was pretty happy with my photo bunting that I strung up on the deck and I had solar lights on the driveway gate so the guests new where to come.  Balloons tied to the letterbox wouldn't have gone down well at all. It was tempting!!

TOF manned the BBQ and drove me nuts on how slow he was cooking the sausages, all lined up perfectly they were!! But we got there in the end!  Basic man food of sausages, bread, onions and coleslaw and it went down well.

It was a good night with lots of Max's mates arriving to help celebrate.  In fact it was one of his good mates actual 21st last night.  He and Max and another friend who is 21 next week did the yard glass.  Not sure if this is a world wide must do but it is bog standard in kiwi land to skull a yard glass of beer, and usually throw the whole lot up.

 Note my strategically placed buckets!

Must say I was glad when that was over with not to much drama or puking!

We never got around to speeches so I didn't have to come up with anything clever and witty to say.  Most of his friends already know all the childhood stories anyway.  But we did get a family photo, thank you Sue Webber!!  Look even Sheba made it into the left bottom corner.

It was a late one, and I cleaned up last night once everyone had gone.  I prefer to do it on the night rather than waking up to a huge mess.  Luck I did because the stormy weather has arrived and it is quite windy, grey and wet.  Fabulous day to stay indoors and do very little.  Recovery I think for the young ones!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm pretty sure the yard glasses get used over here too ... though it's a long time since I've been to a 21st.
I've got all that to look forward to ... and it's really not that far away ... eek!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yay lucky timing!!! your bunting looks awesome. Fun times! I will be forbidding mine to partake in the yardglass tradition (if I have anything to do with it lol!!!). Nasty waste of good booze!

Hope you're inside and chilling today- I love a good storm! Might even get some blogging done this weekend lol

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

It was a great night, the babies are growing up!! ;-)

Connie said...

That photo bunting is an excellent idea. Look at those handsome boys. And such a pretty mom. What a great party!

Wendy Rayner said...

Great pics sue, and a lovely one of you and your Family,tell hime hope he had a great time,you all looked as if you did,tell your husband,the sausages looked yummy X

pastcaring said...

Love that bunting idea. What a good do, you and TOF deserve medals! Yes, the yard of ale thing happens here too, though I don't think it is especially a turning 21 challenge, just generally a macho drinking game; madness it is! xxx

Vix said...

Love the bunting, great idea.
The yard of ale is a normal Saturday night thing here, definitely not something reserved for special occasions! xxx

Sandra said...

I'm so glad it didn't rain! what an awesome party! the bunting is brilliant, I love it! it looks like a blooming excellent birthday bash, TOF is doing a great job with the bangers, the pics are all fab! - you are a star cleaning on the night, I left the Eldest's 16th party cleaning to the next day, the wind broke the gazebo, pah - hope you have had a well deserved rest!

Sandra said...

xxxxxxxxxxxxx I didn't put kisses!

Helga! said...

I love a good 21st, now, when I can laugh at all the young 'uns!!!!
I wasn't a drinker when I had mine.....believe it or not!