Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Still hot in the city

Tuesday = work day.
(I love this new job)

I wore this fabulous dress
that arrived in the post yesterday.
(another trade me purchase)

Work was good, apart from a poxy old head ache that I just cannot seem to shift.  I think it is the heat and humidity we are experiencing at the moment.  What ever it is it needs to bugger off!!  I have no time for illness of any sort right now.

Small dog, small brain? Why he lay in the sun and panted is beyond me.  Now as for Tex, black cat, seeks shade and finds it!!

Sheba has un stuffed Grover
who now is
feeling a bit flat!!

Delivered my vacuum cleaner around to my big boys flat this afternoon.  Seems only fare to let him borrow it as he and the flat mates went fishing on Sunday and provided us with some lovely Snapper for our dinner.  Took the dogs around for a play date.

Sheba and Brown had a run while Oscar stayed up high safely in my sons arms.  Typical small dog, far to much to say for himself so he missed out on the fun.

Well off to drop a couple more panadol and hopefully poxy head ache will get the message.


Vix said...

That dress is fabulous, no wonder you put in on straight away! xxx

Sandra said...

Hope your headache has buggered off! lingering headaches suck - I love your new dress, is that a tassle necklace? it's fab! and your shoes! looks like Sheba and Brown had tonnes of fun while Oscar got some cuddles - take care and get well x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've had a headache for three days now … I'm blaming hormones … horrid things.
Buster unstuffs every single toy he gets … as soon as he gets it … very irritating.
As are small dogs with small man syndrome … is that Oscar's problem too?

Beth Waltz said...

Crushed velour? Lovely dress, but the blaze of orange in shoes and bracelet make the outfit zing!
(Close up pix of shoes, please.)

pastcaring said...

Great dress. Hope that headache has gone now. I do love to see your menagerie at rest and at play, they are all gorgeous critters! xxx

Helga! said...

I've had a headache for the last week too, must be the weather!!!
Hope it pisses off, your AND mine!
Your new frock is gloriarse, you look so glam in it!
TEX SPOTTING!!! Grrrrrr, foxy boy!

Connie said...

Those hot winds are definite headache makers. Bah! That dress is a beauty. So nice for taking care of pets and boys and gardens.