Thursday, 13 March 2014

You should brighten up the dull mornings

The last two mornings we have had FOG!!!
Not a thick one but fog all the same.

So to avoid getting lost in the fog
when walking to the post office
I dressed in glorious

It was a bit nippy around the pippies this morning
so a lightweight but fabulously bright
Pink coat was required.

One of the new frocks got outed this morning
with a petti skirt underneath,
gorgeous embroidered bag,
colourful shoes and jewels of course!!

I love this tassel and bead necklace, I waited for it to go on sale before pouncing on it!!  No need to pay full retail when it all goes on sale eventually!!

Smug as because my weekend has
Oh yeah,
three days on and four days off!!

As excited as I am at the prospect of the tropical storm that is heading our way to water the very dry Waikato pastures and our little backyard and garden, I would like to put in a request with the powers to be that it holds off until Saturday as we will have a houseful of young folk here tomorrow night for Max's 21st Birthday Party.  Don't have a plan B so hopefully it will not start raining and blowing like a......big stormy wind thingy until Saturday.  Please all now go ahead and cross your fingers for me. 

Thanks in advance!!!
You are all the best.


Vix said...

Fabulous advice and I love that necklace.
Its been bad here yesterday and today, a thick freezing fog,even the cats refuse to go outside.
Have a great party! xxx

Sandra said...

I've crossed everything for you! good luck with everything, and feck me Sue, you're gorgeous! I LOVE this outfit on you and your cheeky petticoats and your tassel necklace and your shoes - paying full price for anything makes me feel a little queasy haha! x x x

pastcaring said...

Yep, the fingers and toes are crossed for you, Sue! Glorious colour is always the answer, whatever the question, and I am loving the necklace and sandals. xxx

Connie said...

Oh yes. That absolutely DID brighten my morning. So pretty. I love a few tassels with my fog. Isn't that just the perfect dress? You look Adorbs.

Helga! said...

WOOF!!! Looking fecking HAWT, my darling! Colours are wonderful on you. I really love those shoes.
Bugger that tropical storm, it can just feck right off!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh no ... Stay away storm ... you're not wanted here. Everything's crossed for you ... but have a fabulous party whatever happens.