Monday, 31 March 2014

Unsuccessful flirting on Monday

Remember me telling you how good manners is sometimes considered as flirting? Well by now you know I talk to anyone and I will also smile at someone walking towards me and say hello.  So on my way to collect the mail for work this morning I flirted all the way with no response from all these glum Monday morning people.  Why so glum, you have just  had two days off, and the sun is shining, and you are alive!!  I won't be put off and will give it another crack tomorrow so look out all you glum bums.

Would you flirt with me?

I am harmless!
Reasonably normal!!
And I won't stalk you!!!

Amongst my black and white today
I added my new
Tree of Life necklace.
(from Garuda @ Whangamata)

Two new famous faces have been added to the wall I drive past when going to work.  I discovered today that the artist has a studio near the wall which explains why this wall gets painted on. 

John Lennon

Bob Marley

I so hope he keeps adding to the wall.
(Artist = Bruce Maclachlan)
google him.

Today in Hamilton we reached a beautiful 26* and it was lovely.  Autumn is turning into the most lovely season for sure.  Normally when I get home from work I brew up a cup of Earl Grey but not today.

Neapolitan ice cream.


Vix said...

Love your tree of life and your constant enthusiasm for life, some people are so miserable! x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love neapolitan ice cream … do you always save the chocolate for last too?

peaches mcginty said...

Yes I would! but my flirting is dreadful and may frighten you off! I love your outfit and your 'tree of life' is awesome! The murals are incredible, our airport is The John Lennon airport, which is bizarre, never understood it! I haven't had Neapolitan ice-cream in forever, why!!! yum! x x x

pastcaring said...

You can flirt with me any day, Sue! Keep smiling at the miseries, they'll eventually realise you are a lovely friendly lady and smile back!
You look gorgeous in monochrome, and the Tree of Life pendant is a beauty. xxxx

Connie said...

Sue. Keep smiling at them. I do the same thing. Kill 'em with kindness!

Beth Waltz said...

It's a ritual to greet everyone I meet in "the halls in the walls" of the huge building in which I work. In return, I receive 'lo's, sleepy nods, tired smiles -- and the odd snarl.

Was it Lou Grant in the Mary Tyler Moore Show who said: "You're chirpy. I hate chirpy"? Keep cheeping!

Helga! said...

I would totally flirt with you!
I often smile at people when out and about, but sometimes I'm just off with the fairies...!!!
The tree of life necklace is lovely!
I have on-off phases with icecream, currently I like hokey pokey, if I'm in the mood for it. Apricit is my favourite if I can get it!