Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Join me on the lawn and lets watch the world go by

This morning we had

In Hamilton we are used to Fog,
because know what comes after it.
(well at this time of the year we do)

I love the way the garden looks when we have had Fog.
(I could call it dew or a light mist)
See, this afternoon was bloody gorgeous!!

Yeah look behind you Sheba,
that big black cat is on the move.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
  Tex may be old
but he managed to get up
onto the garden couch
and join me.

While Sheba had all the toys,
Oscar decided to plant himself in the garden box.

Freshly washed white dogs
do that!

It got to a beautiful 27* today.

Tex and I lay on the grass in the shade
of a big tree
and watched the sky.
(just like when I was a kid)

 Autumn Pose!!

It is good to do things like lying on the grass and watching the clouds (if there are some) or just chill out with your eyes closed. Make daisy chains, throw Autumn leaves (at your cat), and at night go look at the stars.  I dare you all to do something that you did when you were growing up.  It's good for the soul.

 When CDs are only a couple of bucks each,
why not get a pile.

My buzz is old stuff at the moment.

 (PS: I flirted with a bunch of workmen this morning, and they flirted back.  Men are better at it I think.  SUCCESS!!)


Wendy Rayner said...

Great pics sue x

Vix said...

Tex is gorgeous and so are your garden photos. Its been foggy here for days but sadly it doesn't lead to 27 degree heat! xxx

Goody said...

Oh yes, white dogs know how to find dirt. We had a poodle when we lived on the farm that would seek out the most recently dug spot to roll around. Must be in their genes.

Beth Waltz said...

There is nothing more relaxing than lying on one's back in the sun, listening to the purr of an overfed, much loved, gnarly old tomcat like Tex...or my own dear departed lads.

peaches mcginty said...

I love Sheba! she always has a deflated ball! I like to avoid our grass as it's covered in bunny poop, but I have my spot at the end of the garden, I can't wait for the warmth! love the pics and woop for flirting success! I could do with some flirting techniques, Mr F's are outrageously good! x x x

pastcaring said...

Oh I do love to see your furry babies out and about! Gorgeous pics, Sue, and hmm, what can I do that I haven't done since I was growing up? Drink illicit cider in the park with unsuitable boys? Now you're talking! xxx

Helga! said...

I'll totally join you on the lawn if we can just have a drink and relax....I just can't keep up!

Angels have Red Hair said...

There was heavy fog in Sydney this morning too … all burned away by 10 am though … the season is starting to change.