Thursday, 20 March 2014

Well my weekend has just started!!!

I love only working three days a week.
Well three mornings.
I am so enjoying this job I have,
just hope the chick on maternity leave
doesn't want to come back at the end of the year.

Our weather is still beautiful here in HamilTron!
So it is still summer frocks
with light weight jackets in fabulous
bright colour!

I snuck into the op shops in Frankton on my way home from work today.

Most are on sale,
trying to get rid of the summer stock.

The boiled wool coat is actually HOT PINK!!!  So yum and going to be super for Winter.  I have a thing for Russian looking stuff like the cup.  It is wooden so not really for drinking.  The sun glasses were only $2, pretty wicked too.  Now my cow bells!!  Being a born and bred Waikato lass it was an absolute MUST!!  Sounds so nice, don't think TOF will agree, but it can be hung outside on the deck to ding-a-ling til it's hearts content.

If this is Autumn then 
I like it,
I like it alot!!!

Colourful accessories.
Fish necklace,
assorted bracelets,
$1 Briarwood shoes,
yes that's correct,
only $1.

The fur children were all making the very most
of the lovely afternoon
indoors and out!

My $1 shoes are so awesome
that Tex decided to be my shoe Security Guard.
(I have the matching bag, alas not $1)

Big day planned for tomorrow, the Webber woman is heading into town and picking up our lovely friend Kerry as we three are doing the op shops.  So look out Hamilton, we will be out in force, ready to pounce on the bargains, exchange friendly banter with fellow shoppers and the staff, and generally have a doozy old day out with some girlfriends.  And if your are reading this Jimmy I expect you to be dressed fabulously for us and ready for your photo!!



pastcaring said...

Bright colours and gorgeous prints, is there anything better?! Those cow bells are a fab find, and I think I would very much enjoy an op shopping trip with you and the gang! xxx

Sandra said...

$1 awesome shoes! I love Tex protecting them, gorgeous and another pair for me to admire from afar! and your coat! hot pink, fab, and perfect - I'm loving your outfit too oh I love it all! the cow bell would keep me entertained for hours though hehe! enjoy your most wonderful weekend x x x

Beth Waltz said...

I confess, I covet your shoes. Not only these, but all the others! You do have a nose for finding wonderful footwear! And for only $1!

Tex is a character role on paws. One supposes he came to your home with a history...

Angels have Red Hair said...

Have fun … hope you unearth many treasures … and more new shoes.