Friday, 21 March 2014

What happens when you get two Sues and a Kerry?

An awful lot of fun,
that's what!!

We think it was last year sometime that Kerry last came out with us,
it obviously takes that long to get over a day out with two Sues!!

We liked the Susi Matic 85, 
because there were two Sues op shopping!!
I found a frock for Kerry,
(she didn't buy it) 
Sue thought she was a true star,
and then asked if I liked her jugs!!
And there was a little plate with a very truthful poem on it.

My favourite op shop staff is Jimmy!!

He is simply fabulous.
So much that we had to have photos outside the shop.

The loveliest and friendliest person
and the most talented Window dresser
in the whole of our beloved HamilTron!!

This gorgeous boy was chilling out in the Red Cross in the main street.  Not homeless at all just a frequent visitor this end of town to these shops.  Loved being patted and talked to, check out those beautiful prodding paws.  If he would have sat quietly in my bag I so would have whipped his gorgeous furry butt back to my place to join the furries.

We had a light lunch at a lovely cafe where we sat outside because our weather continues to deliver goodness on a daily basis.  Me, a savory muffin and a Mocca with a dash of banter and laughter on the side.

Sue trying out a new ride!!
For sale at the Dump Shop no less.

As it was Kerrys first time at the Dump shop we told her she was a 'Dump shop virgin' only to discover another one of her kind inside the shop.  We all had a laugh as one of the workers yelled out, "have we got some virgins here?" so I replied "we have two dump shop virgins in the house!!.

Another basket.
But it was only $4 so how
could I not buy it??

Todays little haul.

Here we are in my garden.

My Hydrangeas are changing colour again
and my Chinese Anemones are starting to flower.

And this is what I wore!
Love my top which I bought off Trade Me,
fabulous colours and patterns.

Enjoy your weekend!!
You can catch up to me now,
I started yesterday!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A fabyoularse dahlink! And we luvs ya Jimmy we dooo, we luvs ya Jimmy we do-oo! :D Great haul, great day, great mates ♥♥

Vix said...

All op shops need a Jimmy, a damn sight more glamorous than the regular staff!
Love that orange maxi and those gorgeous cat photos. xxx

pastcaring said...

I love days like that - friends and chat and laughter and bargains!
I am drooling over the maxi frock you found for Kerry- she didn't get it? Noooo! Sue looks hilarious (but not to be tangled with...) sitting on that mobility scooter, I love your finds (skirt! ricrac! basket!) and the visiting moggy is a very handsome boy, love those pink paw beans!
Have a great weekend! xxx

Sandra said...

2 Sues and a Kerry! I wanna play too! and go see Jimmy, then bask in all the fabulous-ness around me! orange maxi's, susi-matic, Sue's jugs and op-shop virgins! best day out! your mesh petticoats under your frocks are making me swoon I love them so much, it's a Sue signature look! and fabulous shoes, always! ps love all your goodies too! stay awesome! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've just had a long buried memory rekindled. That susi-matic looks extremely familiar. I'm almost positive my Mum had one. Clearly I was too lazy to actually use it ... or I'd be absolutely positive ;0)
Looks like a fun day.