Sunday, 2 March 2014

Why are small things so cute?

Today TOF and I took scraps out to our friends lifestyle property to help with the feeding (fattening up) of the pigs.  

Remember the pigs???

The last time I saw these two babies was on New Years day when TOF and I were on 'Farmers for the day' duty.  That was two months ago.

Well they have grown quite a bit since then!!

Still pretty cute, but nearly twice the size they were when we last saw them.  They are really funny to watch, especially when they stick their snouts through the pen to get to the weeds that were tempting them.  Even let me feed them.

Then this afternoon I went to visit an old friend of mine who had her little grand daughter staying.  I could have stolen her and brought her back home with me, but I think they would have all missed her. 

Not one until April and so very very cute!!

 Such a little doll.
I want one now!
(You listening Max and Jak!!)

Thanks for inviting me around Grandma!
(I'll be back)



pastcaring said...

Cute pigs, and almost-as-cute baby (JOKING - she's adorable!) No pressure on those boys of yours then...! xxx

Helga! said...

Piggies!!! SO adorable, so tasty....
Certainly less trouble than a baby, cute as she is! HA!

Sandra said...

Oh isn't she just gorgeous, I ooh-ed over the piggies but isn't baby Grand-daughter adorable!!! I've told the eldest no grand babies for a long while! but if you get one we can all love yours! x x x

Vix said...

Those pigs are gorgeous. I'm not usually a fan of small humans but that one is rather sweet! x