Monday, 3 March 2014

And the week begins!!

Monday arrived on time and bought with it some RAIN!!!

Mind you we so need some rain so it is very welcome.  The temperature has definitely dropped off first thing in the morning and in the evening, very Autumnal. There is no putting of the fact that our Summer is about to leave us for another part of the world, I guess the next thing we will loose will be our Daylight Savings.  Then Winter will creep up on us and we will hunker down in the gloom until the good weather turns up again.

But in the mean time, I plan to make the most of the lovely weather until it is no longer here.

So I wore the floaty floral dress my sister gave me!!

I worked for the morning then drove out to Dawns place to catch up with her for a brief time.  She had unloaded the kiln again but most of it was wrapped and ready to go off to be sold!!

But I managed to get photos of Toadstools and Face Pots.

Loving the Ugly Frog Mugs!!!

 There is still colour in her Garden.

 Very dry paddocks with naked trees, dried Sunflowers heads, and gorgeous cascading Lobelia.

 Pretty Pansies and family pets.

Country life is beautiful, even if many shades of Brown.

What did I come home with you ask??

Remember the Big beautiful Bird on the left, well today Dawn gave me this bird bath bit of a Totem that is a second. Yay for Seconds!!  Anyway they look pretty dam fine together, so I think I shall find something to go in between the two bits and super glue them all.  Buzzy little look don't you think!!

Tex and I did our close ups and that was that!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

I think the merging of the bird and the bird bath is a stroke of recycling genius.

Vix said...

That pottery is just gorgeous. x

pastcaring said...

What a lovely collection of photos, Sue! The flowers and pottery and pets and countryside are all glorious. You're not looking too shabby either, fab frock! xxx

Sandra said...

Ahhh! we say naked trees!! it used to be ninked though! your friends work is just amazing, all of them and yay for seconds! flaming good idea putting them together - your frock is gorgeous on you and I love the close ups too, Tex is looking fierce!! x x x