Sunday, 6 April 2014

28 degrees in April? Has the world gone mad?

Once again we awoke to another absolutely gorgeous day,
this weather just keeps on delivering.

 This of course would be the real
Incey Wincey Spider!

Sunday is usually a pretty cruisey day round here and today was no exception.  With a clothes line full of washing and all the windows and doors open to enjoy the day, I went out to drop my youngest off where he had left his car over night.  So pleased he didn't do the drink and drive scenario.  So while out and about I decided to pop in on a lovely friend of mine who lived not far from the drop off.

My friend has the sweetest dog called Bella (9) who was groomed yesterday so her shiny black coat felt just like velvet.  Then there is Monty Morton the cat (18), he is a big boy is Monty.  I wonder if his full name is something as fabulous as Montague.

Being camera shy (my friend not me) I resorted to photographing plants in her garden.  She has a lovely secluded spot that would be perfect for a family shot, I am working on her for that.  Her hubby was quite proud of his cock in the garden (get your filthy mind out of the gutter) and other lovely bits of garden art that were in and around this little court yard.

After lunch I had a birthday party to attend for the cute as a button Giselle (above) who turned one.  I took photos of her and her parents the other day and now they want me to do their wedding photos, OMG!  The older sister and aunty of this poppet also is getting wed this year also, and has put in a similar request, so two weddings to photograph, I hope I am everything they expect and believe me to be.  I am not trained, I just take photos of things I see and like, maybe I have an eye or knack.  Certainly do hope so.

After 28 awesome degrees of goodness today the sun slowly slipped away leaving a pink hue in the sky on one side of our house.  On the other side the moon was arriving.  At this time of the day my Hydrangeas were looking so beautiful.  I do love how they are changing into multiple colour.

I topped up the  bird feeder as the birds have figured out that this offering is actually for them and not the small dog sitting below with his nose in the air desperately willing something to fall out into his little mouth.  Obviously he is starving!!

Not us, we aren't starving!!
TOF made us a huge Mac and cheese
with spuds and cheese
and breadcrumbs on top.

He is a good boy!!

Something to try this week if you dare!!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

OMG that mac and cheese!!!! I want it!! I would have a good go at eating all of that up. I am interested in the putting potatoes on top technique - carbs on carbs - yes please!!!!
Fecking hot alright!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh wow … congrats on the wedding requests … looks like you have a brand new career on offer. Go for it :0)

pastcaring said...

I am definitely going to try thst response to the "where do I know you from?" question!
You do have a good eye for a photo, Sue, and obviously technical ability too, so I'm sure your wedding pics will be wonderful, what a compliment to be asked.
I love your flowers photos (of course), Monty is a handsome boy, and yes, I did do a double take at your friend's husband being proud of his cock...! (Most men are, aren't they?) xxxx

Goody said...

I thought macaroni cheese atop pizza was the apex of civilisation-but that was before I saw the potato version. This will be tried (and soon) at our house.

Connie said...

You really do have a good eye! And possibly a new career? And that Mac n Cheese. Yum! I'll be right over!

Fiona said...

You take great photos and how lovely to be asked to be a wedding photographer. Macaroni cheese with spuds and more cheese sounds...and looks, delish.

Vix said...

I'm not surprised you're getting commissions, your photos are always lovely. xxx

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