Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hey, hey, hey, its Saturday....

....and it will be Sunday in a couple of hours, but we lose day light savings tonight so it will take an hour longer for Sunday to turn up. 

Ha sucked you in Sunday!

This morning there was a Gala at the school next door to our house, so of course I wandered next door to check it out.  No clothing, just activities, raffles, food, entertainment, so all I bought was some baking for TOF and grabbed a few raffle tickets.  

Community spirit up and running!!

Another fabulous day to chill out doing whatever you wanted to do.  Sheba even had some down time, and Oscar just followed me everywhere because he loves his mum so much!!

I put up some old wire shelves for my CDs to live on, and got the chair out of the car and ta fricken da it is perfect like I suspected for my sewing room.

I found these colourful alphabet beads that I guess little girls make their name into a necklace, but I started playing and came up with sayings some of my bloggettes use. 

Can you guess who?


This would be mine of course.

It was still warm this evening so I went out the back to enjoy the cool evening air, and discovered a cloudless night sky full of stars and the moon doing its very best crescent shape impersonation. Not sure if it is waxing or waning?

Of course Tex found me and we lay on the ground to enjoy the night sky together, although I don't think Tex looked at the stars once.

Goodnight all
all you Kiwis
to put your clock back
before you go to sleep.


Goody said...

Yep, those letter beads are going to be fun.

Luck find with the chair too.

pastcaring said...

Oh the fun you can have with those letters! All in the best possible taste, of course...
Gorgeous pets, a beautiful moon, fab chair, and ta frickin da, delightful you too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sue. xxx

Vix said...

I cannot wait to lie on the lawn with the cats clambering over me...can't be too long now!

Connie said...

Don't you just love it when the pups follow you around and look at you like YOU are the moon and then some?