Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Apparently I can cook!!

Who knew??

Well  I can bake.

Remember the little bench top oven I bought, well I baked scones in it last night.  When I say bake, I added water to the scone mix, added some grated cheese, mixed it up and made one big round scone and put cuts in it.  But look at it!  Dam fine  it was to.  We had this with some simply divine Mushroom soup and some little chicken nibbles TOF whipped up that hands down beat anything old man Sanders makes.  Take that you old grey haired bearded git!! 

On my way home from work today I looked in on the op shops in my works neighborhood, which just happens to be Frankton, home of a few favs of mine.  I also called in at the Dump shop and the Dinsdale SPCA.
Bag of lace and trims, old sheet and knitting doll, Purple wool cardy/jacket, green lace over dress, and the most gorgeous ever hand done table cloth.

Another linen tea towel very souvenir Kiwi stuff, another scrum of gorgeous old brooches, the 3 = $10.  I have taken a liking to a pot of tea in the morning but ours are all bigguns.  So I have been on the look for a 1-2 cuppa sized one.  Finally at the dirty old Warehouse (big warehouse style cheap department store) where everyone gets a bargain, I found this little one on a sales table. Perfect and only $4-97 which actually is $5 as we don't have 1 and 2 cent coins.  Why not just price it at $5? Anyway, I have had a brew in it this afternoon and it is just the bloody ticket, even pours well.

Oscar was so cute with this toy I got him at an op shop today.  He snuck up, licked his lips and then carefully extracted the toy from the chair and scarpered.  It has been goobed on so now wet, just got to keep Sheba away or this will end up de stuffed in seconds.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the last day of my working week but this week I have to share my short week with the entire Nation!  Due to Easter turning up.  Guess some chocolate eggs and hot cross buns will fall into the supermarket trolley tomorrow.

Just for you
something to print off and colour in
over the four days off!!

A lot of you have mentioned of late that I have an awful lot of shoes which got me to wondering if I have a SHOE ADDICTION!! I am reasonably confident that I am not turning into Imelda Marcos the 2nd so I am going to line all the gorgeous things up and take a photo or two or three..... and share them with you.  Only my summer ones because Winter is a whole other story or blog!!

 So Look out!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

What's this? You can have too many shoes! Nah! Not possible! Who are these people? lol If you pay by EFTPOS that teapot would have been $4.97, they use Swedish rounding if you pay cash :D

Serenata said...

Oh how funny that you made cheese scones, I have just made a batch this morning and popped them in the oven before I sat down to read this!

pastcaring said...

Now I could just do with a cup of yes and a cheese scone! Love the linens and brooches, and Oscar is adorable with his new toy!
Shoes... You know, they really aren't my thing, I wear the same ones over and over again, and I could probably do with having a big clear out of the pairs which don't get much wear... Looking forward to seeing your collection though! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I think blogger has a limit to the number of photos you can upload … and I'm betting your shoe collection exceeds it … tee hee ;0)

peaches mcginty said...

Show us the shoes! it's not an addiction, it's an appreciation! like Curtise I wear the same ones over and over, and then I wear them into the ground - but I still really like shoes! mushroom soup and cheese scones sound like heaven, your new oven is brilliant! x x x