Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Get your Cartoon on.

Today was actually cool enough
to rock out my new
Cartoon Leggings!


Worn with Black slip dress, Red lightweight duster coat, kick arse new to me  sparkelishious brooch, and fabulous Blue shoes (I may have forgotten to tell you about these babies!)  Everything bought either on sale, off trade me or op shopped!! 


So glad I work with men,
they just don't
bat an eyelid
at anything I wear to work.

Because most men
subscribe to the above
words of wisdom
when it comes to us
and our choice in
(or they just take no notice!!)

I managed to stop in on a couple of op shops on my way home from work this afternoon.  My sister at the beach uses linen tea towels so here is one for her, might write the recipes down for TOF first seen as he is an Irish man.  Score, another Russian doll, and I love the key holder.  Patchwork pattern thing for Mrs Webber as she is party of the crafty women of Karakariki!!!

TOF got a new winter hat from my sister (who lives at the beach) whom is fondly referred to in this house by the blokes (and their mates) as Aunty H.  I certainly hope he wears it to Rugby on Saturdays!!  Thanks Aunty H :-0

PS: I took some of the Beetroot and seed cake into work today for the lads, I told them I was getting credits for up and coming cock ups!!  Work with men and you start thinking like them!! Also prevented me from eating the whole dam thing as trust me it is yummmoooooo!!!!! No chance of it going moldy in a cake tin in our  house.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Love the leggings ! And I got a present, woohoo! I feel really thspethial right now :D

Serenata said...

Well I have to say those leggings are fantastic! Love them.

Great gift for Sue. The cake sounds yummy...might have to give that a try.

Loved all the flowers in the previous post as well...definitely a contender for wife of the year!

peaches mcginty said...

Kapow! LOVE the leggings, love the outfit, love the fecking awesome brooch, love the Mary-Jane's and love the the rat's ass pic!! gorgeous pic of you there missus, TOF's winter hat is the coolest and I have never made beetroot cake, and I love beetroot, I normally have it in scouse, anyhoo have a great day Sue, actually it's your night time, sweet dreams! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Still waiting on that shoe tally ... we must be up to 8549 pairs by now ;0)

Vix said...

More shoes? I think I need those blue ones in my collection!
Love the leggings. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

I confess I'm now torn between two fantasies: playing in Vintage Vixen's jewelry boxes and trying on all your shoes!