Monday, 21 April 2014

I may well have been born holding a camera

I have been taking photos since I was about eleven or twelve I would say.  Back in the day I was 'that' friend who always had her camera and recorded what we got up to.  Not a lot has changed since then.  Recently I scanned a huge amount of my dads old slides that recorded my childhood and it definitely stirred up memories of a happy life.

Born in 1962, the third and final daughter to a pretty good looking couple.

With a strong Blonde gene.

I still have the Pink onesie from the top left photo, unfortunately it no longer fits!!  How big was my case on my first day of school.  Wonder what was packed inside it?  I look like I was leaving home not starting school!!

My sisters and I were lucky to grow up in a time when families did things together.  Our mum stayed at home to raise us, made our clothes and our father provided us with a stable home and many a happy holiday.  I tried to give my lads a similar up bringing, which in this day and age isn't quite the norm. They like me have zillions of memories of family holidays and good basic fun. 

I am still good friends with these girls of my younger days.

Leonie top left and centre, Lou-lou-belle top right, Dawn bottom left, and Annette bottom right.  We have all managed to keep in touch over the years, one way or another.  In the top left photo is Karen and I have recently re connected with her via good old social media 'Facebook'.  Lucky us old birds know how to socialise the modern way!! I often think of blogging as having pen pals.

Those teenage years in the late 70s and early 80s were pretty carefree and easy going.  Life was all good for me.  Summers were spent at the beach. TOF always refers to me as 'that tree hugging hippy'. We met when I was 18, me all sweet and innocent, him a bloke nearly 3 years my senior.  There were other boyfriends but he was the one.

One constant in my life has and always will be my sister Helen.  Sisters and friends the very best  combination.  Someone knows me and my confidant. Thanks for always being there.

When most of my friends were traveling overseas or starting families early I was having home perms and hanging out with my niece and nephews. I have never traveled out of my country, I just didn't find the need or desire. My love of the beach will be forever, NZ is perfect for me. Before you think what a sad thing I was, I had a healthy social life even with those perms!!

I cannot imagine a home without pets in it.  Growing up I had a lamb, rabbit, chickens, numerous cats and a dog.  My boys have grown up in the same pets welcome environment.

My bedroom was my room to decorate how I wished.  No rules about pins in walls for me.  Funny looking back how I thought I was fat, what did I know!?

The art of selfies is nothing new!!!

Not strictly a follower of fashion, more a follower of what I liked even back then.  Jumpsuits, double denim, hand knitted ferile cardy (yes made by me) and of course those perms!!! 

Still love a pretty frock over jeans!!

Then TOF came back into my life, my own superhero (PJs made by me for him!) my partner in crime even if it was a dress up party.  The rest as you say is history.

I will always take photos, it is my passion.  I look forward to grandchildren, family milestones such as birthday and such things to keep my trigger finger working. Until then you will have to be content with my garden, my pets, my family and ME!!

Hope I haven't bored the last breathe out of you all with this post!!


J said...

I have always loved old photographs, particularly of strangers, wondering what might have happened just before the image was caught, where they were and why.

Now that I am older I find that images of people that I know only peripherally are more interesting. It is lovely to see the younger you, your sister and parents and cats. Your children are so blessed to have you for their mum.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Yoo hoo to J! :D x
Farking awesome pics!

Wee Wendy said...

What wonderful memories you must have by being able to look through all these photos, I so envy you. I have very few pics and memories of my childhood, but the ones I do have I hold dear. Thanks for sharing x

Vix said...

Bored, are you kidding? I love looking at old photos. Yours (and your memories) are fab.
I can't believe you've never left NZ. You Kiwis are usually so adventurous with your travelling.
I thought TOF was Irish, you've never been to visit his relatives? xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Funny, I've been looking at some of my old pics and scanning them into the computer too!
Brilliant photos, Sue, what a happy family life you had, and still have. You look like you should have been in Abba, look at those beautiful blonde locks! xx

Goody said...

I did the photo post thing today as well (must have been all that time off over the holiday) but my perms were nowhere near as excellent as yours. That is some great hair.

It is interesting to see that the fashions of the time weren't all that different on my side of the world.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm with Curtise ... you look like the missing member of ABBA ...perhaps they were meant to be ABBAS ... Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Anifrid and Sue.

Connie said...

Oh I really enjoyed these photos. You have always been such a cutie. I've moved a lot and sadly many boxes of photos disappeared during one of the moves. So I really love seeing other people's photos. That way I can relive my own 1980's perms. I've been to NZ and I can totally understand why you would be perfectly happy to stay there. It is magnificent and the folks are so nice AND they love a good time! Just like you. Why ever leave?

peaches mcginty said...

I LOVE looking at old pics, love it! I could happily spend a day trawling through them all! your boys definitely have a look of your Dad, your Mum and Dad are gorgeous! and you and your sisters! I agree with Jo and Curtise, you should have been in Abba or Abbas and you haven't changed a bit, you are still just as gorgeous! x x x