Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sharing my short week with you all

Yeah everyone in NZ has my short week this week.
ANZAC day on Friday so another long weekend.

Some people have even taken the entire week off work

When I left for my work this morning Tex had discovered that Daddyo was still in bed so there was no stopping him from joining in on a sleep in.  As did both the dogs!! I thought they may well have all still been there when I got home this afternoon. But no, bed was made, kitchen had been cleaned and he told me he had toiled outside all day, bless!!

It was decidedly cooler this morning so a bit of tactical layering was in order.  By the time I came home one layer had been removed and the shoes got kicked off.  I do like to go bare footed while it is still mild enough to do so. Today was two summer dresses worn together with a cardy and sandals, worked for me!!

On my way home today I had to stop off at a shopping mall in town that houses a department store called K Mart, not a favourite place of mine.  But I had made a photo book online using snap fish and K Mart is the collection place.  With that safely collected I aimlessly wandered into one of the many sparkly, glittery Asian shops in the mall and found this little collection of goodies on a bargain table.  All $1 per piece, and all to be added to other beads and things I have to make a creation or two.  I do like the Millifiori glass pendant drops, hence why I bought five of them.  Mind you if I had actually realised everything was only a buck each I might well have got more. No I will not go back!!

With Winter closing in on us, I am wondering how many bottles of these I will need to stock up on! Some for home and some for work I am thinking.

Happy Tuesday All!!!


Vix said...

Now that really is spectacular layering. Loving the jewellery bargains and Tex is gorgeous snuggled up in bed like that! xxx

pastcaring said...

Those Man Up pills made me laugh!
Tex in bed = Cutest Thing Ever.
Great double frockage, and those glass pendants are really lovely. xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Right! where do I buy those man up pills! ha! love it! but for me, I am a wet lettuce! the double dress layering is fab, I quite fancy having a go, your dresses are gorgeous! and barefoot, me too! my feet are normally rotten though eww!and I love snuggly, sleepy pets who love to share the bed! Tex is gorgeous x x x

Beth Waltz said...

The red pattern over a black base is tres elegant, then edgy casual by switching out/off the shoes. Cleverly done, but which shoes were you wearing, by the bye?

Tex is so aptly named: he knows he's a big, bad 'ole boy and very much loved on that account.

Helga! said...

Darling, the black Norton belongs to a friend; we're looking after it whilst their house is getting EQC repairs, and the blue one is G's.
TEX!!! I'd LOVE a snuggle in with Tex. Nothing better than cuddling up in bed with pookies...except for when peepers gets in wet and with cold paws she then warms on one's belly.....
You look HOT in that red number.Nice bit of layering!
Ah, we're chilling down considerably, so it will be a while before I can go barefoot again!
Great score on those skull bracelets! I love those skull beads!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I quite like these short weeks ... perhaps we should have them every week.