Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Woohoo Wednesday - what a great day to be alive!!

With TOF away I had to set the alarm on my phone so Jak and I didn't sleep in.  Happy to report that I awoke to the sound of the crowing rooster on my phone and the morning processed as normal.  What a gorgeous day today was, you wouldn't have thought we were one day away from Winter.

I love Blue and Pink together so that was today's colour combo of choice!!

You simply cannot feel blue
when the weather is so beautiful.
Pretty much every morning
I say:

'what a great day to be alive'
(Especially when the sun is shinning!!)

Perfect weather to slip into a few op shops before heading home from work.

Banana basket $5
Tile 50c
Shoes $2
The shoes are too big for me, 
but at that price they weren't staying in the op shop!

Leather boots $6
Oh these babies so fit my feet!!

TOF just rang before to say Hi!  Staying in a nice motel a short drive from the sawmill they are doing work at for the three weeks.  He has a unit to himself so maybe I should grow some balls and do the drive up North next weekend for four days, he could sneak me into his room at night!!!  Woohoo!!!!

Anyway dinner is cooking as my resident cook isn't in residence, and I am waiting for the son to get home from work.  Heater is on with Tex and Sheba jostling for pole position in front of it.

So I have bought some things from the deli!!!

Like my scones!!!
Just add water.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Cool finds! :D We have another month of autumn yet luv! June, July & August are the winter months! ;-D Yes you should drive up, go on, the worst part is going through Auckland.

Vix said...

Wow! What a fab colour combo and gorgeous outfit. Loving that tile, I'd have pounced on that!
Yes, get in that car and have a dirty weekend! x

pastcaring said...

Pink and blue rock - as do those fab boots.
Ooh, you naughty kids, planning to sneak in conjugal visit! xxxx

simi kaur said...

Very cool pics and also i like your baskets and shoes. Use inlinecom plans that are very useful for you also you can do free calling anywhere in the earth.

Beth Waltz said...

Do you do leggin's in NZ? Leggin's as in heavy tights? Those leather boots would work very well with leggin's and a longish tunic.

Please give Tex a scritch for me.

Shawna McComber said...

I love this colour combination and the flowing lines of the pieces you put together! You've got some great op shop finds too and I love the look of those boots.

Goody said...

Great boots, those will go with everything. I agree that the shoes were too good to leave-someo
ne will be thrilled to have them.

I wonder, where did you ever find that photo of me with my hair up in rollers and a nail file? A while back, the Dairy board in the US had an advertising campaign that claimed, "Everything's better with cheese." Some of us REALLY took that advice and ran with it.

Angels have Red Hair said...

If all else fails ... there's always takeaway.

peaches mcginty said...

Go see your TOF! it'll be so exciting getting sneaked into a room! love your outfits (I created a 'Sue' outfit yesterday, not as fab as yours obs! but I layered!) Pot Noodle counts as tea doesn't it and 1 of your 5 a day (it does have dried peas!) x x x