Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ever get the feeling you've been framed?

I have been looking for a good sized frame to use as a prop when taking photos of other people.

It is always best to try your props on yourself first!!
(might paint it bright Red or Blue)

What else did I come across in the two op shops I called in on when heading home from work?

A lovely little assortment.

The RED jersey with white spots is a S which is obviously for SUE as even I know I am not SMALL.  I have a cunning plan involving scissors.  Cut it down the front and bind it in white satin or something similar and I should get a cardy to wear. I  can always add into the back and sleeves if it is still SMALL and not SUE.

The Fur children are rather confused about the absenteeism of TOF!!

I dropped him off at his work at 7:00am this morning and won't see the poor bugger for three weeks.  This is the longest stint he has had away from home with work.  I am used to it but try explaining it to the dogs!!  When the boys were small it was hard when he worked away from home but now its not so bad.  But three weeks??!! Shit, I'm gonna have to cook!! He misses my birthday and mothers day, not that I am his mother.

Sorry my video for you didn't work.
I was giving you all 
a tour and commentary in my garden.
There was talk of poos!
I will try again
when I figure how
in the hell
to do it

Technologically challenged I am!!


pastcaring said...

I had pictures but no sound on your video - never mind!
Hope you can do something with the S jumper, it's very you.
Cool dragonflies too (I think that's what they are...)
Ahh, poor doggies, missing their man, is he Pack Leader? xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Meet your technologically challenged twin! I locked my phone before, I have no idea how and had to get my 12 year old to fix it - Love your prop frame, you are modelling it beautifully! 3 weeks without TOF, I hope the dogs are ok and I hope you are too, we get quite used to them being around! and yes to 'fuck it' typing it is just as satisfying as saying it x x x

Vix said...

Three weeks to start projects and leave them in bits around the house - I'd be in my element!
Love the frame and looking forward to seeing the Sue cardi! x

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Love your purchases. If that top is not an S for "Sue", you can always send it to me: perhaps it's an S for "Sandy" (aka Doris the Great)?

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Ooh ooh earrings!! :D lol Listen if you've been framed I'll be your character witness!! Oh now mmmm maybe not! Ah well fuck it, I'll come visit ya! hahha

Goody said...

I love those polka dots (though you know I would wear it with mouse ears, and go all Disney with it).

Nah, don't cook. Give each of the kids a pint of ice cream and a spoon and tell them to go eat it over the sink. Repeat as needed over the three weeks.

Leeanne said...

For times like that you just need to say it!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the polka dots ... of course it's S for Sue. Your plan sounds ingenious ... good luck.
Poor abandoned, lonely puppies ... but think how happy they will be when he gets home.