Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A sick day round here...

..as in I stayed home from work today as I had one of those squiffy tummy, as in diarrhea!! (apparently I was full of shit!) And I am not one to risk going to work to spread such joy so I stayed home!!

Actually be about 11:00am I was feeling heaps better and lighter, but I stayed like a good person at home.  Like the quote above says, I found the good in the day.  I have caught up on the washing, caught up on some recorded things on the tv, and enjoyed the quietness of an empty house.

Sparrows filled the back yard.

Oscar assumed the role of neighbourhood security.

Gorgeous Purple flowers
enough to make anyone feel better.

Life goes on.

Whats missing??

So it must have been one of those gut bugs that kept me home.  I will be back at work tomorrow, might build the lads a cake as a sorry I couldn't come and you won't get sick coz I'm all better now cake!!

Lucky for me I am not lonely!

TOFs been gone for a week now,
so far so good.


Connie said...

Sometimes it's nice to take a sick day. That Oscar means business!

Leeanne said...

That's good you are feeling better!

pastcaring said...

Good to know you felt better quickly. Oh your lovely photos, such a pleasure to see! I always like my own company too - more than some other people's, if truth be known! xxx

Vix said...

Glad you are better now! The photos are lovely and that quote is very true. x

peaches mcginty said...

Dodgy tummies suck, glad you are feeling better though - and I really do love some time on my own, today is my first day in ages, I'm loving it, no distractions at all x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love those days when the house is empty and silent ... there's something very calming about it ... tummy bugs I don't love so much ;0)