Monday, 5 May 2014

Look out, I've been sewing!!!

before I get onto that let me tell you about yesterday.

Sunday was a glorious sunny day
the birds were out en mass
so I chucked some bread out for them all.

I then checked in with my girls
to see if they were
playing nicely with our new be
Miss Autumn.

 No worries there!!

with everything under control
I decided to tackle the mounting pile of
Bloody washing machine decided to
pop a cog,
blow its foof-fu'
basically it shit itself
just when I needed it to spin the towels!!

So I had to hand wring the water out of a full load of towels while muttering obscenities and not under my breath I will have you know, then I had to scoop the water out of the dam washing machine.  Suddenly it came to me that we have a new laundromat around the corner so off I went.

I was going to ham it up and take selfies while I waited for my washing to do its thing, then I read all these signs about their security cameras and what they do with the film if people are dodgy.  So I sat quietly and read a magazine.

This morning my lovely washing machine fixer upper man arrived an installed a new heart (pump) so we are back in action.  Except today is crappy and wet, so 


Holy crap cakes
I even used my

 Pimping in full progress
while Oscar slept
we both listened to

 So do you recognise the cardy??

Oh yeah
I have turned the
S for SUE.
I am pretty stoked too!! 

Sheba and Oscar were
from all the sewing excitement!!

I see an outfit coming together!!

Not only did I sew
I polished a pair of shoes
glued the red/green ones
that had a blow out.

Time for a cuppa!!!
(because I so have my shit together)


Leeanne said...

I know the feeling with those washing machines! still they work blimin hard!
You have been a busy lass.
Love the very last statement! I'm off to shave em!

Connie said...

Who sews Sue's clothes? Sue sews Sue's clothes. And she is fricken' awesome!!!

pastcaring said...

Wow, you've been busy! The cardigan looks great, clever girl! xxx

Fiona said...

Great job on the cardi.

Vix said...

Brilliant - you are a clever chick! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

That's the secret! to shave ALL my legs instead of getting away with an ankle to knee job, maybe then I'll have all my shit together!!
Your 'Sue' Cardi is blooming brilliant, pom-poms, fringing, ribbon and polka dots, I may faint from all of it's awesome-ness!! it's gorgeous - glad you got your washing machine sorted too, those launderettes can be expensive x x x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Woohoo! That is one pimped up cardi!! :D

Helga said...

That's frickin' AWESOME!! I think we all have the sewing bug lately!
POOS to washing machine issues, but you mistressed the moment beautifully! XXX

Angels have Red Hair said...

WOW ... Well done You ... it looks fantabulous ... There will be no stopping you now.

Shawna McComber said...

Great job with that cardi! I love some fringe and doodangley bits. I have not been very productive in the sewing department at all but I have been busy dying things.

Goody said...

Yes! That looks incredible. The sugar skull on the back will go with the Day of the Dead leggings. It is definitely your own now.

Ah, I do love fringe. Wouldn't it be fun to take a really conservative looking blazer and fringe the heck out of it like some cowboy stockbroker from hell? Wait. No. Maybe?