Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! A cold snap has arrived.

Rumor has it we woke to -2* this morning!!!

So it was definitely a day for longer sleeves and more layers.

I wore a coat dress that I got off Trade Me with a slip dress under it, leggings, SOCKS with shoes not jandals and wavy envy hair. I am loving wavy hair!!

The best part about a cold start to the day is that when the sun comes out it is beautiful and it makes everyone happy.  Happy enough to throw dried old leaves in the air!!!

I pulled up the last of the Beetroot, and picked the chillies and capsicums.  Then I let the girls into TOFs garden for a good old scratch.  I am going to bottle the beetroot whole as it isn't very big.  The chillies I hope to make into a sweet chilli sauce.

Oh look my Sweet Peas are up and growing!!  Hopefully they will continue up and add colour and fragrance to my garden boxes.

Dear old Tex found a good spot in the sun on the stairs to the deck.  He looks so relaxed!!  Of late he has been peeing inside which doesn't please me at all.  He is getting on in the age stakes so I guess the laziness is part of the process but cat pee honks!!  Not sure what to do with him, apart from strapping a new born disposable nappy onto his butt.

Nearly forgot to share this little stash.  I found the above pile of trim at Hospice today, all for only $2.  Told you I would hit an op shop on my way home.  Sad to say this is all I found after going to two op shops, some days are like that tho'.

 Lets have a closer look!!



pastcaring said...

You look lovely, all layered up in your garden! I like the look of those chillies, and the lace and braid are very pretty. Poor old lazy Tex, he wouldn't like a nappy at all! xxxx

Melanie Freeman said...

Gosh it was freezing this morning!! Told hubby it was time to put a wood order in for the fire as the heater is not cutting it! I might hit the grey street opshops tomorrow so hopefully the thrifty karma is strong!

Beth Waltz said...

Greetings from a crazy cat lady in the USA who covets your coat --it would brighten our Arctic winters -- and suspects ol' Tex has a bladder infection. My ancient tuxedo cat is slurping amoxicillin and again finding her litter box. The stuff works!

Another plan is to offer Tex a new place to pee: a covered litter box with puppy pads rather than litter. I once had three such loos for the lads in service: anything to save the bathroom rugs!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh no … pets peeing in the house is no fun for anyone. Buster was a horror to toilet train so I feel your pain. I've read too that if a previously trained pet suddenly starts having accidents it can be a sign of a bladder infection … a trip to the vet might be the next item on the agenda :0(

Vix said...

Loving that coat and the waves - you look lovely!
That braid was a fab find and the bottled beetroot sounds delicious. I'm very impressed with your crop.
Poor Tex - I think Beth's right, he needs some meds! xxx

Fiona said...

Poor old Tex, my moggy is getting on in years but haven't had that problem...yet! Loving the coat.

Helga said...

O, that Dr Seuss quote is perfect!!!
You look deliciously snuggly! Indeed, it's been pretty damned brisk! We only got a teensy frost yesterday, though, and less today. Peepers has been snuggled deep under the duvet; she makes a great hot water bottle!
Chillies!!!! YUM!
Lovely little morsels of haberdashery you scored! Fun crafts ahead!

Leeanne said...

love your outfit, colourful & fun! WE had our first frost in 'the winterless north'

Goody said...

I love the coat, though I can't imagine anyone wearing it as a dress (as my mother used to say, "That dress is so short everyone can see what you had for lunch!").

Are you going to pickle the beets when you bottle them? I used to make pickled beets solely for the leftover purple brine to make onions and pickled eggs.

Love the waves too.

Shawna McComber said...

I love that coat dress and the way you have layered it! Poor Tex. I'm glad he found a nice sunny spot to lie in. It's so difficult when a cat gets elderly and starts to pee indoors. One of my cats started that after he had a stroke. He often peed in the kitchen sink which sounds kind of gross but I just bleached it after. He was confused and I could tell he know he wasn't quite peeing in the right spot but wasn't quite sure what to do. The sink was much better than when he started to pee on carpets and luggage and other things we had to throw out.

Connie said...

Oh your new girls are quite fancy. You know, I went on a vacation to NZ many years ago and I traveled around your area and I just gotta say you folks are sooooooo much fun. I grew up in the wilds of Montana USA and I felt right at home.