Monday, 26 May 2014

Get your socks out of storage Winter really is coming!!

Go ahead and turn those summer shoes into winter shoes by adding your socks!!!

Just joking,
but my hand knitted socks are not only beautiful,
they are warm.
(thanks Lou-lou-belle)

You may not be able to see Winter
with the sun being out today
you sure as hell can feel it!!

Good on you sun for still shining
your big yellow butt off today!

Sorry you couldn't eliminate the chill factor!

Meanwhile out the back....

The girls were having a meeting.

Lemons are getting ready.

The so called dog door was getting a work out.

Yep, it is time to think about rugging up!

I had to go out this morning so I layered on the woolies
and don't panic
I wore shoes not socks and jandals!!

I had to register the car
so I went to the shopping mall.

that makes me a Monday Mall Whore!!

I solemnly promise to visit some
op shops tomorrow
on my way home from work!


Leeanne said...

Loving the socks! I'm a bit embarrassed as I went out to meet the postie this morning in my Jandals & socks.......not the hottest look on the block!
So what was 'girls' meeting about anyhow, have they told you?
It has turned cold here in the north.......maybe it's time to light the fire.

Vix said...

I had to Google "jandal" - a new word to me. We call them flip flops!
Loving the photos and envying that lemon tree! x

pastcaring said...

Great pics, love that last one of you. Keep warm, Sue! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

It's still yet to cool down here ... been sunny and temps in the twenties for weeks ... long may it continue.
Must get a little breezy inside with that doggy door ... or does it get closed up through the winter?

Connie said...

Rugging up. That's a great phrase. Jandals. That's a new one, too. Don't worry about being a mall whore. We all stray from time to time. Love your pets and your wooly things.

Shawna McComber said...

I learned what a jandal is by reading the comment from Vix. When I was growing up we called those thongs but now that means uncomfortable underpants and you would be laughed at if you said you put thongs on your feet so they are now called flip flops.

You are exceedingly photogenic! I love the two pics of you!

Sweet fur babies/feathered girls too!
And I LOVE the knitted socks. I own one pair made by my ex mother in law and they are my favourite pair. I really should learn how to make them.

Wee Wendy said...

Spring's here in Scotland and today it was a warm 17 degrees. Lovely! Started out at about 10 degrees. Sooo, am curious to know what temperatures you're getting in NZ? I completely get the layers, i never have less than three on! Love your pics, very pretty! X