Monday, 19 May 2014

Cobwebs and morning dew with a big old Fog

I love a morning when we have a thick fog.  Call me odd but it is true.  Most people in the Waikato hate Fog, but not me.  Fog makes everything look magical and mysterious, and it had coated things in my garden.

Obviously the Spiders had had a very busy time outside.
Funny how we admire their webs outdoors but indoors they are frowned on.

Well not in my house!!

Spiders need somewhere to live
and they certainly do live here.

I was killing time before going off out for a haircut,
so overload on  cobwebs.


But they are impressive.

Back from my haircut
I found a parcel in my letterbox.

This gorgeous White Alpaca scarf
with the best tassels.

My lovely young hairdresser likes to straighten my hair.
It is the tidiest I look when I have been to her.
(thanks Nicola)

Told you the tassels were the best.

Her grand dad arrived for a haircut and he had this photo of my dad for me.  Her grandparents and my parents lived in the same street when I was young.  I love this photo of my dad with his camera.  Obviously I got my love of photography from him.

My camera can do all sorts of wonderful things that I have yet to master.  To tell the truth I have no idea about most of what it can do, I should find a book and have a play.  I had a wee tutto last night.

Do you like my pen?

This montage hangs in our loo
so while spending a peeny
you get to look at this.

Inappropriate information?

Jak said I had an inappropriate conversation
with him yesterday
while I was on the loo.


The door was closed,
and he used to do that to me all the time
when he was little!!
(and the door was usually open)

This afternoon was glorious.

Usually the result after the Fog has lifted.
I filled my clothes line with washing
picked a big bunch of plant life
to get all creative with.

 I even impressed myself!!

Another Monday over and done with.  Three days of work and then on Friday I best tidy the house and mow those lawns as TOF is coming home.  I would hate for him to think I had been doing naf all while he was a way working hard to provide for his family!!  Pretty sure he won't even notice if I do do the housework, not many men do, well not in this house.

 Just don't write in my dust!
(if you feel you must I will give you a cloth)

 But I have read a couple of good books!!

Well that is my excuse and I am sticking with it!!


peaches mcginty said...

More gorgeous hair and you! I love your tassles, you just can't go wrong with them!
What a lovely surprise to get the photo of your Dad too (your boys are so like him) the cobwebs are beautiful too - and housework! there are no words, but Yay! TOF will be home soon! x x x

Vix said...

Looking gorgeous with your sleek hair - it suits you just as much as yesterday's waves.
Gorgeous photo of your Dad, weren't you alike? xxxx

pastcaring said...

Straight or wavy, you look great either way, Sue! Lovely pic of your dad too.
I love cobwebs with dew/rain on them too, frost as well, and yes, I have a supply of them inside my house as well as out!
Never mind a tidy house, just get a nice dinner cooked, stock up on the booze, and TOF will be delighted to be back in the bosom of his family! xxx

Connie said...

I'm a fog lover, too. It makes everything look so dreamy. Your haircut is very nice. And your pen scares me. Yikes!

Julie said...

Great photos Sue .. you take some very cool ones, especially love the cobwebs. Well you would love it at my place this morning as fog is so thick you can hardly see in front of your face.
And yes, my hairdresser straightens my hair too but I can never get the same look when I try myself!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Great photos … there is just something about cobwebs that makes you grab your camera isn't there.
Your hair looks great … and yep my hairdresser always straightens mine too.

Leeanne said...

Funny! I like the scarf.......the cobwebs in dew are the best!

Beth Waltz said...

I love the loo montage! My own guest convenience is hung with an assortment of what I call "marine foils." There was an early 20th C fad for reprinting landscapes with metallic accents. Guests emerge -- after a time -- muttering, "Didn't know Lionel Barrymore was an artist..."

Shawna McComber said...

More gorgeous hair and outfit for me to covet! I love the cobweb photos-so pretty when they are covered in dew drops. That's a nice picture of your dad. Will you frame it? It's great that you can have something you love to do that you know he loved too.