Tuesday, 20 May 2014

I could be slaving over a hot oven tonight

I only went and cocked up twice today at work!!!!
I seriously need to get my shit together and not stay up so late reading.
(don't you hate it when you have a book that you cannot put down)
Thankfully both mishaps were sorted out
I feel a cake could be required!!
I am so lucky they are all so laid back at work.
(or do they just love my baking too much to care?)

Those people would be from a power company!

I came straight home today no dilly dallying at op shops because I had someone coming around to fit something to my power meter.  And the @*$&%! didn't turn up, no phone call, nothing! RUDE!!  If they turn up tomorrow they will be so out of luck because I will be dilly dallying on my way home. HA take that Power company person!
I think I need to go to bed early.

I cut my feet off.
Must be tired!

You can see me nana socklets!!
so going to bed early.

That cake might have to wait for another day!

on a good note,

I have made a couple of photo books lately.  With this digital age I don't seem to print and stash my photos in albums like days gone by.  So when Snapfish has a good promo on their photo books I make one.  The one on the Arboretum arrived this morning.  The other one is full of Whangamata memories from my dads old slides.  Pretty stoked with both of them.

I have another one that should arrive this week on this years Beach Hop.  This is a fun way to make an album that photos won't fall out of and fade over the years.  I have plenty more to make.

Hey thanks for all your lovely comments on me and my hair.  You do realise I cannot walk through the front door any more and have to go through the French doors out the back, my head is that big now!!

I bet you have just sung
both songs!!


peaches mcginty said...

I said 'Y' for wankey in work on Sunday, should have been 'Y' for Yankee (we have to spell things back to people)it took me and my mate 5 minutes to stop laughing, I get dragged over to the desk all the time over my mistakes in work, I'm clearly a shocker - the photo books are brilliant, aren't they just lovely! and yes I did sing both songs! x x x ps love your dress! how rude of me blathering on x x x

Vix said...

Fabulous dress and rockin' shoes! Thank goodness you've got a laid back lot at work and they're happy with a piece of cake. xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Only twice in one day? They are lucky to have you! LOVE that dress. Just another of your pieces I am coming over to steal. I'll take it while you are sleeping but I'll leave a cake. It's not that your head is big, it's just those curls you can't fit through the door.

Mozart called and he's really pissed off about Twinkle Twinkle and the Alphabet song. Total theft!

Helga said...

Ah, I am such a bloody nana and NO use at all unless I get a minimum of 8 hours sleep! But I do suspect your baking abilities totally make up for any cock ups, so I wouldn't worry about it!
I LOATHE the rudeness of failing to not only make an appointment, but also failing to inform you they were unable to make it. Bloody appalling.
Indeed, I was bad enough at printing pix before the digital age, let alone now! I really ought to make some books, but by now, it'll cost me MILLIONS!!!!! Mind you, my pix are just not as good as yours, so no major loss, I suppose!

pastcaring said...

Love the colourful frock, and the fact that baking a cake gets you out of the shit at work! xxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Waiting around for a trades person or delivery or anything really is a pet hate of mine. Even if there is no where else I need to be it's annoying. But when they never turn up ... It makes my blood boil ... I mean it's just sooooo rude.
Hope you managed to get a good sleep ... so you'll be as bright as a button today.
I love photo books ... I really should make more.

Goody said...

I guess it would be wrong to wake the kid up to make him look at your graphic about being a bird (it is nearly 10 PM)but I am showing it to him first thing in the morning.

I have a feeling it will be printed and pasted inside his birding journal.

I hope you get a good night's sleep.