Friday, 2 May 2014

Far-ride-day!!! of Friday if you like.

I have been having some problems with my internet this evening so I am not sure how successful this post will be.  Technology is farkin awesome when it works but quite an arse when it doesn't!  

I appear to have found my limit with my patience this evening!!!

Check out my Day of the Dead leggings!!

Such fabulously bright and colourful!!

Oh yeah!

Worn with black tunic
and Purple jacket.

 I shall be happy when everything is back
to normal.

Like all those small people back
at school for starters!!

me getting back into three days work
and four days off!!

so that makes four in a row!!

 Meet Miss Autumn.

Somehow she turned up in our back yard last night because she was faffing about down the back when I went to give my girls their breakfast.   She was quite happy to be picked up and popped into the coup with the girls.  I have no idea where she came from but she is pretty happy with the others.  So I have called her Autumn for obvious reasons.  Thinking she is a bantam because of her size and her fluffy feet.  

Isn't she a cutie pie!!

 A member of the welcoming committee!

Loving the flowering plants in my garden at the moment.

Looking forward to hopefully some
nice weather
so I can at least mow the lawns
and fill my line with washing!

It would appear that the internet has played ball long enough for my daily ramblings.  Have a lovely couple of days off, I have a game of rugby to attend.


Beth Waltz said...

Fowl do simply fall into one's yard. Once upon a morning, I heard a shrill scream outside my bathroom window, and lo! there was a pea hen parked on my fence.
No other peafowl in the county that I knew of, so this lady was promptly named Rani and relocated to a farm housing a Raja.

A lovely bird, you've acquired. Perhaps she was attracted by those colorful tights?

pastcaring said...

Ahh, Miss Autumn is a beauty!
Cool leggings, Sue, and I love that purple tunic.
Glad your working week is done, and you can enjoy some well-deserved time off! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

4 days in a row! it's not on! I work 3 days and if I do a 4th now it does me in haha! Miss Autumn is quite a beauty isn't she? and lovely she's getting on with the other gals - technology sucks as well, whatever did we do pre-internet, all I know is to turn the computer off then on again, I haven't a clue - your leggings are flaming awesome and another gorgeous outfit and I agree totally with the Friday pic!! have a flaming wonderful weekend x x x

Shawna McComber said...

I really love your style those leggings are fantabulous! And the purple oh how I love the purple! I am contemplating a very long flight just to come and raid your closet!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Technology is wonderful ... as long as it works ... when it doesn't it's the most frustrating thing ever invented.
My answer is to turn off ... turn back on ... and if that doesn't work ... call the kids.

Leeanne said...

How pleasing that the internet was on your side! lovely chooks!

happy weekend

Goody said...

I never had a chicken show up on the farm, but we routinely had the neighbour's cattle, and sometimes the odd rare-breed longhorn from a farm a couple miles down the road. I always wondered how they could roam so far without anyone taking notice. I don't miss that-I was always wary of being charged by one of them.

Those leggings are very, very, cool. Isn't it fun owning clothes that you can't help but feel happy wearing? You must have a blast getting dressed with your wonderful collection.