Saturday, 3 May 2014

Just hanging with my boys.

Hard to believe but I actually slept in until 7:30am this morning, this is what happens when TOF is away.  The animals let me enjoy my sleep, but by 7:30am they could no longer wait for breakfast, so I obliged them.  Grabbed me a hot drink and my morning newspaper and went back to bed!!  Bloody bliss.

Once Jak and I had eaten poached eggs (thanks girls) and grilled bacon, I got dressed and ready to face the day.  I chose one of my tie died tops and a pair of black harem pants I got off trade me and after a comfortable day in this fabulous pants there is a strong chance another pair will be purchased!!  We went and picked up Max, dropped Jak at his rugby pre game hooha, and then Max and I went out for a spot of bloke shopping.  As in thermos, beanie, gumboots and other manly essentials for someone that is going duck shooting tomorrow morning.

Max and I parted company and I went to Jaks rugby game (that would be him with his leg in the air).  Good game, the lads played well but they came second.  I got side tracked as you do when the play is the other end of the field most of the time.

The sky was full of billowing clouds moving rapidly across the sky, but the sun stayed shining and no rain fell, in fact it was quite hot!! Very nice indeedy.

Bee-less clover lonely and waiting in the long grass.

Finally some Autumn looking trees, how lovely they are!!

All in all it was quite a glorious day
in the good old
Waka Too!!

Little Miss Autumn seems to have settled in well  with the girls, there is the odd chicken styled bullying going on but that is the pecking order thing that happens when you have chickens.  She will survive, and they will accept her.

I love how five of them were already perched up for the evening late this afternoon when I went to collect their egg laying efforts of the day.  Such entertaining pets with such rewards.  Totally unimpressed with having their photo taken while in their PJs!!

I am happily relaxing in the lounge with the gas heater on, all pets are snoozing, and the tv is quietly on, our local team the Chiefs are playing Rugby, I think they are coming first.  Might catch up on some recorded things as I have the house to myself and the REMOTE!! I know, far too much excitement really.  I like it!!


Leeanne said...

Happy post! Sounds like it's your evening........!

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, I'd enjoy sitting at games with you! How lovely to be able to say, "Oh, look at those clouds -- and those trees," without receiving a puzzled sideways squint in reply.

And those harem pants are attractive! And comfy, too? Buy more!

Shawna McComber said...

Your boys and your girls are gorgeous Sue, and seriously, truly I am on my way to raid your closet. LOVE that top!
Have a splendid weekend!

pastcaring said...

It sounds as though you are having quite a fine time of it without TOF - he is coming back, isn't he?! You look chilled and happy in your tie-dye and harem pants, and your photos are lovely as always. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh I love it when I get control of the remote for an evening ... usually I'm not even allowed to touch it.

Goody said...

You've inspired me to try my hand at tie dying.

Vix said...

I haven't tie-dyed in ages and i love the effect, what's stopping me?
That top is hippy-tastic. Glad you're having fun home alone and that Autumn's settling in well! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I always have control of the remote, Joe's thumbs are so big he cocks it up all the time lol! I love days like that.

peaches mcginty said...

Love the top and pants, you look flaming gorgeous and so relaxed, lie ins are great! and you have the remote too, life is good! great shots of Jak and the beautiful clouds too - I'm a relaxin', finished work and I'm having a lovely glass of wine, bliss x x x

Helga said...

O, those lovely chooks! I want to give them a cuddle!
Yeah, sleeping in until 7:30am is the ultimate luxury......and then sitting in bed with a book, or the paper, and coffee is the BEST!

Connie said...

I think Autumn is my favorite season. Sigh...It is so much fun hanging out with you, long as you don't treat me like the new chicken. Squawk!