Thursday, 15 May 2014

Poncho time has finally arrived.

Today was cool enough for me to wear my new Poncho,
my rabbit fur poncho to be precise!

It's really light and oh so warm.
Before you fly into a panic
those would be my slippers, and no
I didn't wear them to work!
But it is  a dam fine idea.

I got a parcel today from my sister
a birthday gift.

Bubble wrap!!
My inner child was overjoyed
and popped bubbles
opening my birthday gift.
(Small things amuse small minds!)

She gave me the most gorgeous string of
three felted cocks
with felted balls
and beads.
the cutest piggy bank ever!
(Thanks Helen!!)

With his appetite well and truly back,
and trust me Tex is trying
to make up for his lack of eating
by demanding more
and often,
he reluctantly
shared the warmth of the heater
with Sheba this evening.

I played with my knitting loom!
I remember having something scarily similar
when I was a wee girl.
And yeah
it is wicked fun.

Thinking Orange scarf
Turquoise pom poms.

I am off to my bed
to finish reading my book!!

Good night all.


Beth Waltz said...

Delighted that Tex is back on form! Keep an eye on him and that luscious furry poncho. My own elderly tuxedo cat spent the winter snuggled in a family heirloom mink stole (after I discovered the outrageous price for sheepskin pet beds.)

Misfits Vintage said...

Orange scarf with turquoise pom poms? HELL YES!!!

Connie said...

It's so wonderful to get gifts....especially gifts that recall our inner child...or outer child!

pastcaring said...

Felted cocks and balls? Oh Sue, you've just released my inner Carry On joke writer!
Love the turquoise and orange combo, and Sheba and Tex look so glossy and gorgeous together by the fire, the sweethearts! xxx

Vix said...

That turquoise and orange combination rocks, its going to be brilliant! xxxx

peaches mcginty said...

Tex and Sheba look like they are models, showcasing heater chic, they are all glossy and gorgeous! you know I'm fond of a poncho! and those looms, Jen had one, I couldn't figure the bugger out but yes to the orange scarf and turquoise pompoms! and 3 felted handsome cocks! I am resisting the urge to be filthy haha! x x x

Julie said...

Love the tie-dye top under your poncho Sue. Also LOVE the cat & dog happily taking over the heater. I worked in a gift shop for many, many years & when it was quiet, I used to love to stand behind the counter, popping the bubble wrap !!! Yes, small things eh . . .

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Way to go Tex baby! :D I might have to come in and get one of those looms and the pom pom maker and the ...and the..and some....ooh ohh! Talking of ponchos I need to tell you what I have planned for and old crochet project unfinished!! Nudge nudge, wink wink say no more!

Leeanne said...

great poncho! the furry friends look happy by the warmth of the heater. Our cat put himself under one of the quilts on the sofa last night, so it must be cooling off here in the north!
Love the saying, how very true.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh I love bubble wrap too … are you an individual popper or a wring it out like a wet cloth popper? I'm more of a wringer … I like the satisfaction of the multiple pop ;0)

Shawna McComber said...

Hahahaha I did enjoy that-felted cocks and balls. Admit it, you put that there to find out how many of us have a mind like a 14 year old boy, right?

Felted critters are adorable though. That's a lovely gift and then of course bubble wrap!

Yes to an orange scarf with tuquoise pom poms!

Cuddles to Sheba and Tex.

Goody said...

So while we're on "cocks and balls" do you think, "Chicken Nuggets" sound as funny as I do?

The poncho is most excellent, and the loom thingee looks interesting. Let us know how it works out, that seems like just the sort of craft I could get the kid interested in (to make me stuff, of course).