Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shopping, Rugby and a little bit of R & R.

This morning TOF and I head off out to the shopping centre not far from us, know as Te Awa or The Base.  He was in dire need of some new track pants and another mobile phone.  As it is a long weekend here there were the 'long weekend specials' on offer.  Happy to say we got all the things on TOFs list and I found myself some rather cool socks.


Spots and Stripes
in nice bright
($4 per pair so I could go back for more)

We were only home long enough to have a quick lunch and catch Aretha who had gone AWOL in the school next door a few days ago but had wandered back home and was on the driveway. More on her later because we were off to watch Rugby.

Now I know there are 15 players in a team but my lens was firmly fixed on my own lad, who seem to be in the thick of all the action most of the time.  It was a good game and they were beaten by a very good team, so they came second.

It was a beautiful day for being on the sideline of a game of rugby.

Meanwhile back at home.

Aretha was settling back in.

The sun was shining on the lichen covered trees.

The welcoming committee gathered.

I happily discovered that my Daphne is in bud.

The girls were enjoying the nice weather.

Those hanging baskets full of Ivy Geraniums are flowering.

Out the front of our property where the garden needs a prune.

 Dogs waiting patiently.

Cuppa and a Squiggle biscuit!!

Off to have a Curry that TOF has whipped up.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the socks! Enjoy your curry ... I wouldn't mind a bowl too ... thanks TOF ;0)

Shawna McComber said...

A squiggle biscuit looks like a very delicious thing! I just love all the photos of your animals and enjoy pretending they are mine. Just like your wardrobe. When my son plays soccer/football I am only watching him too. That's how it should be!
Love the socks!

peaches mcginty said...

Yay for Suesday! and Yay for funky socks too, I hope the sock eating washing machine monster leaves them alone (mine is vicious, where do the socks go?)the squiggle biscuit looks like heaven, seriously good biscuit! hope the curry was yum (of course it will be, it's curry!)x x x

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous pics, and TOF making a curry - it's all good! Enjoy your weekend, Sue! xxx

Goody said...

Like everyone else, I'm intrigued by the squiggle biscuit-looks like some sort of shortbread with a chocolate coating. Is the squiggle caramel? I may need to try my hand at making them.

You absolutely should get more socks-at least pair for pair with all your shoes. And they look so good with your collection of leggings so...yeah, you need more socks.

Beth Waltz said...

This post has evoked memories of chicken personalities long, long gone and fondly remembered for their weird and wicked ways!

Have you ever considered *ahem* providing the girls with a rooster? We had a magnificent Buff Orpington with golden feathered pants, Big Red, who cared tenderly for his chicks.

Helga said...

Oooo, do tell what kind of curry TOF whipped up! I love a good curry!!!
Huzzah to a grand weekend! I haven't watched a game of rugger in ages! I've gone off it a bit this year, no idea why. I usually like a good yell.