Monday, 2 June 2014

Public holiday you say, how perfectly fabulous!!

Yes today was a public holiday, Queens Birthday weekend although old Lizzies birthday isn't actually today.  But thanks for the day off!!  After a day in the garden yesterday TOF and I decided a drive out to Raglan was what we needed, so that is what we did.  This time we phoned in advanced and our friends were home!!  Woo hoo!!  We ended up going for a lovely drive all over Raglan and it was seriously nice.

There were dudes and dudettes out surfing.

Whale Bay was looking Spectacular!

Some places the sea was rough
and other places it was quite calm.

There may be no tarmac
no terminal
but you can land your plane if you want.

The wharf had seagulls and old geezers
standing in the odd and very brief rain that fell.

 We had beer and curly fries at a pleasant restaurant
with views of the harbor in the sunshine.

 It was a beautiful relaxing day at the beach.
Thanks Diane and Grant.


pastcaring said...

What a lovely place, great location for a restaurant! xx

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, Sue, I'd love to take off from RaglandX in that lovely little high-wing!

I took flying lessons years ago (when pterodactyls glided on the updrafts) in such noisy little birds as that. Then one could actually SEE the scenery and ducks passing the plane with a doubtful side-glance.

Next time out, get someone to take you and your magic camera aloft!

Vix said...

That's a gorgeous place! Can't believe you get the Queen's Birthday off - no wonder she's so much more popular in NZ than here! x

peaches mcginty said...

It's very generous of her! we were chuffed the other year when we got the day off for Will and Kate's wedding, good stuff! top day out though and gorgeous views, the restaurant is just fabulous x x x

Leeanne said...

What a magic day in one of NZ magic places!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Lizzie must be one of those people that like dragging out their birthday celebrations for as long as possible ... cause we're having a long weekend for it next weekend ... but I do believe the actual birthday is in April. Who cares ... as long as we get the day off ;0)

Connie said...

Well Miss Sue Z Q. I go away for a couple of days and you are just all over the place!!! Thank you so much for the nice comment on my last post.

Goody said...

I think she already had her North American birthday. Don't you wonder what she gets by way of gifts?

"Oh, a tiara. Really Philip, you shouldn't have. Grab the Boodles we'll have a toast. God save ME!"

I mean really, what could you buy her? I imagine her being really nasty about it too, like my nan that would make you return the gift you bought her because she'd rather have the cash.

Long weekends are great though, especially when you get to spend it in such a beautiful place.