Thursday, 8 May 2014

Think of life as a painting, throw as much colour at the canvas as you can!!

Late last night
I decided to bake.
Swayed by my Googling
I made some
Rainbow Cakes.
Call me insane,
or plain mad,
But those blokes
at my work
were awfully

Who knew how much fun  food colouring could be??
Not me!!

Serves 12?
My arse, they fed 5! 

Of course after my late night baking my supplies were down so today while trolling the supermarket aisles I discovered that these were on special at $1 each.  What was I to do but buy one of each colour, of course and some vanilla essence.

After my supreme effort in the dinner making category which I might add was beyond divine and well received by both my sons, (yes the flatter joined us for a meal), this is tonights heat and eat feast. Jak has rugby training after work and by the looks of the dirty dark sky he is going to be wet and cold when he gets home tonight, so soup and pizza should be just the ticket.

 Lunch on the run in between work and grocery shopping!!
Tell tale flakes of pastry down my front.
So naughty - but oh so nice!

Yay for me
my working week has finished!!

Glad I polished my shoes!
Colourful skulls galore today.

I got this card in the post today.
Oh Denise how well you know me!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

And I don't suppose there is one single rainbow cake left for me!! ;-D
See you tomorrow, can't promise on the jumping thing due to my dodgy knees but I'll play up if ya like! :D

peaches mcginty said...

hahaha! love it! accessorize and buy nice shoes! made me laugh!
The rainbow cakes are pretty cool! my kids have made them and left the kitchen in a state, luckily they now bake on a Sunday when I'm in work and I come home to a clean kitchen and cake (Dave is efficient!) I LOVE your outfit! enjoy your weekend! x x x

pastcaring said...

Rainbow cakes, and you all pretty in pink - it's a colourful day alright!
And I find accessorising and nice shoes are very good for my health! xxx

Goody said...

I adore the packaging on the food colours-they're almost too cute to use.

Those cakes would be perfect for the Deadhead in your life, as they almost look like tie dye.

Your collection of skull themed items is impressive.

Shawna McComber said...

That card is hilarious! I love it! The rainbow cakes look so pretty and delicious. I am having some sort of immense hormonal carb craving right now I wish I had a few dozen rainbow goodies around that I could polish off.

You look so pretty in that deep pink! I used the close up picture of you to draw you and it's on my latest post today. :-)