Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Comfortable, practical, and they are Orange!

So what are they??

Something I found today
other things!

Coming home from work today I felt that stopping in at the Hospice was required, and I am glad I did.  Most of the clothing in there is only $2.50 a piece and those are the racks I trawl through.  Happy to say I found these to bits.  Obviously they are going to be far more fabulous on me than on the hanger!!  I have looked at the Swiss bells on numerous occasions and caved in today and bought them all, I couldn't leave one behind.  The tray cloth is absolutely stunning, the photo does no justice for the beautiful hand stitching that has been done.  The little velvet bag is super cute, I see that at an evening out, say another Burlesque show?  Yes yes the ORANGE comfortable and practical would be the shoes.  Sure I can make them less Nanerish with what I throw together with them.

Ain't that the truth!!

My sister has a Poodle
so this is for her.

I am thankful to wake up every morning.

Oh colour beautiful colour
how I love thee!

Mission accomplished!

The weather report for tomorrow is basically CRAP!!

Ever since I got hit from behind in the work car in the rain I get a little edgy when I know we are in for a wet day.  Complete Nuts really, because I cannot control who is going to run up my arse when I am out and about.  But I am so aware of cars behind me on those miserable raining days now, not that I wasn't before, but doubly so now.  At work they want a new car so say it is ok for me to right off the one I use.  Gee thanks guys.  Apparently I am to survive without a scratch, thanks again guys, so considerate.  Joking of course I am sure, or are they?  No of course they are, no need for paranorma as well.

Not always wise to verbalise what you are thinking.
"Filled out"??

There is 24 of these glorious little affirmation cards
Seeds of Truth.

Messages of inspirations
with the best

I am a sucker for books and things like this.

Hope your week is treating you well.


Leeanne said...

New car indeed! Why does it have to be your job to finish off the one they don't want? I have a thing about people travelling too close behind me for the very experience you wrote of.
Loving the colour, you wear it ALL so well! I like the layered look too.
What will you do with the cow bells???? Perhaps hang them to the back of the car?!

Angels have Red Hair said...

The affirmation cards are gorgeous ... as are the cow bells ... love them.

Connie said...

My car was rammed in an intersection years ago. I was okay. My car was not. It was years ago and I still get a little nervous whenever I drive through that particular intersection. Orange is a fabulous color, tis true!

Beth Waltz said...

There is energy in orange, as there are vitamins in oranges: a well-known fact once taught in home-ec classes. Therefore, these shoes are twice blessed! Dance in them, in good health!

The cow bells are an entirely different affair altogether....
wind chimes, perhaps? A hostess gift for someone who actually owns cows?

Peaches McGinty said...

Ahh my week so far has been a high octane mix of arg! that's why I have to come and visit, although I am on my 3rd (ish ha!) glass of wine! You know I adore everything you wear, seriously love it! and 'touch wood' I have never been in a car accident but I'm absolutely sure it would make me nervous too - ps the affirmations are beautiful x x x

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, my blogger is playing up & not showing posts ... so I had to go searching to find you :-)
Loving all your Op Shop finds, especially that tablecloth which if it goes missing ... it may well be at my house!!! I actually love your orange shoes too. I hope you dont right the car off altogether as would hate you to do yourself an injury. Really raining here today too. x0x

Shawna McComber said...

I love your colourful outfit and can't wait to see the new things on you! I like the affirmation quotes too, with the cute little illustrations-esp the Emerson and Wilde.

Goody said...

I don't suppose the pooches would take kindly to cowbells on their collars. You don't want cattle-trust me (Been there, done that) the flies are TERRIBLE.

The shoes don't look nan to me at all-they look youthful, and hip. They're going to look great with your collection of leggings, and socks.

I've been through two serious auto accidents in my life (neither my fault)-a head on crash when I was 18, and I was t-boned in the driver's side at 24. I was lucky to walk away from both, and I was ready to give up driving for good after the second. My mother knew that if I didn't drive immediately after, I likely never would again, so before the insurance paid out on my ruined car, she went out without my knowledge and bought me a car. It was a wise thing to do, but it was difficult forcing myself back behind the wheel. Really, really difficult.

Kay said...

Love the orange shoes and as usual am blown away by your new clothes.. I'd love to see a photo of your actual wardrobe bulging with all your wonderful finds one day!