Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I don't let the rain make me BLUE

I wear it!!
that is!

Of course there were

I think my new favourite colour might just be

 Check out my Socks!!!

 Todays Op Shop of choice was
Habitat for Humanity.

Spunky old glasses case and some fabric.

My small deed was
donating money to a Charity
by way of shopping!!

And then there was this little chair.

How could I leave something
so bloody cute in the shop
for someone else.
 I LOVE it!

The lady asked if I have grandchildren,
No but I have a small dog.
Does that count?

 Some Sparrows had a meeting in the rain.

I think some of them where sitting on the fence
when it came to a decision!!

 Oh yeah I have a bit of colour!

 Those raindrops kept falling.

 But it makes everything look
fresh and clean.

Meanwhile inside we had the
Hope TOF forgives us when the Gas bill comes.

 Some of my favourite things.
My old printers drawer I have had forever!!

Cross stitches I did years ago
(thanks Megan for those lessons)
and other favourites.

That is actually a lamp on the right.
 These three have a place in my heart
for sure!!

Lolly jars with lollies in
make people happy.

So did the rack of lamb I fed my sons on
tonight for dinner.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!


Leeanne said...

Lollies IN the jar are a good sign.
Have you left anything in the Opshops for me?????
Raining, raining & more raining here too!

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous pics and nice to see your happiness. The rain has hit us up here tonight - very wet right now. I've been looking for a printers drawer for some of my collections :-) Aren't those Inspiration cards cute - I gave some to my dil for xmas - hope she is enjoying them as much as you are!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love the spots and stripes ... it's a winning combination.
Oscar looks like he's pretty fond of his new chair ... he probably won't want to get off for those grandkids ... one day!!!

Northern mum down South said...

Great post Sue, I love the photo montages with the little sayings included. Great glasses case. My daughter found a lovely tapestry one for 10p at a car boot sale a while ago but I haven't managed to come across one yet. I'll keep looking, everything turns up eventually xx

Beth Waltz said...

That's a very charming little chair for a very charming little dog!

Your pix of the resident flock of sparrows reveal a tribal personality, much like your chickens! And are the girls staying inside during the deluge?

The blues do suit you, Sue. The spotted long coat is especially nice with the leggings and black boots. Love that curlicue!

Shawna McComber said...

Sue I always enjoy your posts so much! Your photos are great and I really love the little peeks into your life. You look AMAZING in that blue. It must become your signature colour! The wee chair is adorable and perfect for a little dog. Pfft grandchildren!

I am a true giver myself, just like you. I donate buckets of money to the charity shops. We are good hearted people, Sue!

peaches mcginty said...

Stripes and spots, how flaming wonderful! and you in blue too, one day I may experience the true joy of matching socks *fingers crossed* the little chair is just gorgeous, Oscar is modelling it beautifully and lolly jars are truly a happy thing x x x

Goody said...

Of course the pets count as grandchildren-look how proud he is sitting in the little chair, just like a small child. Awwww, cuteness.

I remember those cases for sunglasses, but it seems they were also used to hold packets of cigarettes so the tobacco wouldn't spill all over your purse. There was a case/container for everything, wasn't there (lipstick holders, compacts, pill boxes, etc.)?

Blue and black is a classic combination, and with your spots and stripes it really looks cheerful.

"On the fence." Har, har, har.

Julie said...

You actually really suit the colour blue too Sue. I love those little bird verse cards you are picturing, I think I got given some a few years ago & now I cant for the life of me find them!!!! No I definately would NOT have left that little chair in the shop either :-)