Monday, 9 June 2014

I'm only going for the massage

Another visit to my physiotherapist today and my aches and pains are going.  Less bones are going crunch so only one more visit to do now. She asked me the other day if I exercise, and I said, well no actually. I was very tempted to say 'does this body look like it has been getting exercise?? Apparently I should be doing something for 1/2 an hour a day, I wonder if going Op Shopping counts? I digress, back to my treatment, I totally love the massage I get at the end, I could fall asleep.  $20 for a massage is pretty good and no chance of being offered any extras as she is Professional not a Pro!! 

As luck would have it, or dam fine planning on my behalf, there are op shops near by.

Cannot wait to pour milk out of the cow jug!!

The Dragonfly frame is for Sue W
as she lurves things with Dragonflies on them.

Next stop was Dawns.

She was busy clear glazing some stuff for the kiln so I was given a brush to help.  Kiln loaded we retreated indoors for a spot of lunch, a yum as omelet each filled with mushroom, onions and cheese.

Aren't the caravans just gorgeous!!

After lunch we made our way to her studio where she started creating from an idea I threw her way.  I was given some clay to have a go at making a small teapot topper for a Totem pole. She is busy planning an exhibition she has been invited to attend, the Lady in the first photo is the beginning of a collection she is working on.  Cannot wait to see her finished in bright shining colours!!

On my way home I stopped to take photos of the Toi toi plants.  Funny thing is I thought it was a coastal plant, well I always associated it with the beach.  Anyway the cows grazing in the paddock didn't give a toss either way, coastal/country just give us GRASS!!

Further down the road I had a
Hitchcock moment.

What do they know that we don't??

Back in Hamilton I drove past a sports ground that had a row of huge yellow trees that were loosing their leaves in the wind.  The painting of the Fantail bird is in a Bus shelter that I drive past everyday on my way to work.  Seems many of the bus shelters have been getting decorated.  Our council gardeners have been busy planting the traffic islands again, and looking lovely under the big colourful trees.

Todays outfit consisted of black harem pants with terracotta coloured tunic top with ruffles, embroidery and the best ever flared sleeves, worn with orange flat shoes.  I have taken to flat shoes of late as I rolled my ankle again last week stepping off a footpath and ending up going arse over tit like some drunk in between two parked cars.  

Tex is so not amused
and thinks I need
to get my shit together!!


Serenata said...

Flat shoes all the way for me...gave up on heels years ago! Love the colour of the top.

pastcaring said...

Good to know your neck and back are improving, Sue. I keep meaning to do more exercise, I walk everywhere, but that's not enough, apparently...
Look at all those birds, what was going on?
Cats do the best Fuck Off Faces, don't they? Love the tunic, and those sleeves are indeed the best ever! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

This 'getting older' stuff is pants! I had a decorating frenzy over the weekend(unfinished) cleaned up today and had to have a mammoth nap before because of my back - glad your pains are going though, a good massage is bloody wonderful - birds congregating like that make me nervous but you and your EXCELLENT outfit make me happy x x x

Goody said...

Well, you have to bend to try on shoes, right? So let's say 10 op-shops, a bend to put the shoes on, another to take them off. Do five pair each shop and...

...When you get home, you have to hang the clothing, so that's reaching with low-weight, high reps.

Think we could sell the idea for a workout video?

Angels have Red Hair said...

Glad you're on the mend now ... I love a good massage ... from a "professional".
30 mins of exercise a day ... sound easy in theory ... but reality is an entirely different story ... I find anyway.
Great outfit ... flats all the way for me :0)

Shawna McComber said...

I'm glad you are getting better! That is a fantastic price for a massage and it would cost me nearly 3 times that much and no 'extras'. I love your harem pants and tunic-quite envious of it. I am prone to rolling my ankle too. Apparently it's double jointed so it likes rolling.

Those caravans are so sweet!

Connie said...

Tex is so wrong. You look amazing in your haram pants and terra cotta. Puuuurfect for a little earth girl like you!