Sunday, 8 June 2014

It would appear I am not as tough as I thought

Remember that wee car accident I had a couple of weeks back?  Well since then my back and neck has been niggly.  But last week I was starting to get a tingling sensation so I thought it best I get it seen to.  I have a lovely physiotherapist who crunches and cracks my bones followed by the best massage ever.  I went last week and looking forward to going again tomorrow because it basically is starting to piss me off now.  I can carry on as normal but by the end of the day I have a hot water bottle on the sore bit.  

I am not sure I like this getting older gig.

Yesterday Jak had his game of Rugby in Morrinsville, an easy drive from Hamilton East ward in the country.  Driving into MoTown as we like to call it I saw this sign 'Hidden Treasures', so I slid into a car park outside the door.  Such very cool stuff, things that totally belong in my memories like an old Kevanator Fridge just like we had in our beach house.  Next time I am going to ask if I can take photos inside.  I was on a time limit as kick off was nearing so a trip back is on the cards, you hear that Sue Webber??!!

A few doors down is the bright yellow building full and I mean FULL of stuff.  Seriously I had a brief look inside and decided I needed much more time, like an hour maybe.  As I drove into the main street I noticed that the Red Cross shop was still open so I parked and went in.  Found this gorgeous blanket for $8, so much cheaper than town.  You only get manky ones for that price in town so $8 was good.

Because I am such a good mother I made it to the rugby game before it started. You know you have to pay for parking at the grounds, $3 a car.  Except I paid $8 as I gave the man a $20 note and only got $12 back, this I did not discover until later.  Maybe a premium park, one with a view, or room service??  No, not at all. Lets just call it a donation and move on.  Jak ended up getting a kick in his back that had him laid out on the ground struggling to breathe.  So after trying to keep playing he ended up coming off, unhappy and quite sore.  

I ended up leaving as by then my back was giving me jip 
and it was 18* so I was slowly cooking 
in my inappropriate Winter clothes 
that I had chosen to wear.
Silly me, thinking it was WINTER!!!

But being that good mother meant that I had to go out again early evening to pick Jak and one of his mates up from their club rooms (slightly pie eyed) and bring them back here.  They were intending on a big night out but Jak ended up staying home because he was so sore.  More lads arrived and they all went out, while he had Anti Flam rubbed on his back, given my hot water bottle, and a coffee.

We watched the Rugby on TV, our All Blacks playing England.  When I say watch, I was doing other things at the same time that required my reading glasses.  Apparently we won but only just, just the wake up call needed at the beginning of a test series one thinks.

These three weren't the slightest bit interested in the game let alone the result.

I ventured outside in the pitch black with my new speed light flash to see what I could get.  

Think I am going to have fun with this new toy.

I went to bed leaving Jak having guitar lessons via the web.  He learned to play when he was younger so hopefully he will pick it up again easily.  Max is also learning, both getting lessons from a guy they work with.  I am now thinking that maybe they will be able to teach me, I used to play the piano a hundred years ago so this could be fun.  

Imagine we could go busking as a family??  
I can see their faces now 
if I dare to suggest such a thing, 
even if only in jest!!

Today I slept in, (unheard of I know!!) woken by hungry pets.  Then Max arrived around so we had a cooked breakfast.  I went out with him to go shopping for a few things then dropped him home again. 

Good mother again!!

My garden may not have many flowers in it this time of the year but I think the colourful leaves are making up for the lack of flowers.

 I love all the colours leaves turn before they totally give into death!

Dying leaves and sweet little sparrows are filling my back garden at the moment and I am loving it all.  Today turned into a somewhat dull day so the backyard colour was welcome.

Spoke to TOF just before who is on his one day a week off.  He is fine, tells me he is making the most of having Sky Movies in his motel room, and it is raining up in the Winter-less North.  Pretty sure the entire country is in for some Wintery weather this week.  

Glad I have got all the washing up to date.  

Haven't sorted my Winter clothes out as yet, 
that now will have to happen another day. 

That is the best thing about Today, 
there is always Tomorrow!!

Glad I don't work on Monday's!!


Connie said...

Oh me oh my. Little Miss Sue!! I certainly hope your back improves. I have had my own set of back problems and it sucks big time!! You are a very good mom and I think it is criminal that have to,pay to park at all. Moms should get free parking everywhere always!! Your busking plan sounds ideal. My son plays guitar in a garage band. He left his banjo at home and I keep threatening to learn how to play it which terrifies him. I think he's afraid I will totally ruin his street cred! Your little slogans just crack me up and honestly get me through the day!

Beth Waltz said...

Lovely, lovely leaves! Trust you, Sue, to see beauty in the last of the garden.

There's not the slightest difficulty in imagining you busking outside a charity shoppe (Sheba wearing a tutu, perhaps?).
Were you to wear some of the latest haul and station yourself next to a sign touting *Fab Shoes* you'd probably up their foot traffic!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh dear ... that is not good news about the back … those kinds of niggly things can turn into major pains in the bum … I mean back … if you don't get onto them.
You've gotta love the internet … it can teach you any number of things … including the guitar … and crochet.
Hope you're all feeling better soon … both sore boys and sore Mums.

Vix said...

Hope you get that back problem sorted soon!
Beautiful nature photos and still loving the hair! x

Goody said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Neck and back pain can be so awful.

Yes, you ARE a wonderful mother (and I'm sure they know it).

Julie said...

Gosh Sue - sounds like a busy weekend - thanks for the tips about those treasure filled places in Morrinsville. Might have to take a drive over one day. But that neck & back pain ... do be careful & keep getting it checked out, you may have a touch of whiplash there that can take a while to come out. My friend had something similar from a minor car accident last year. Take care Sue.

Helga said...

Bloody love that blankie!!! They can be quite expensive these days in oppies.
I don't like this getting older gig either, darling. We're just so much more susceptible to these little teensy injuries that then become rather painful. Hope that gets sorted out pronto! It's just a matter of taking it easy on ourselves, which is most annoying.

Shawna McComber said...

I love your photos-I always do. How exciting to have the ability to take those night photos!

That shop looks like fun. Around here those types usually have high prices. I am always startled when I go into a shop advertising vintage wears and find things from my childhood. I refuse to believe that I am vintage!

I hope your back heals up and feels better soon!

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