Thursday, 26 June 2014

My working week is done and dusted..... lets get on with the fun things in life.
Like my four day weekend.
After work today I did the rounds of the op shops in Frankton and did well at the Red Cross shop.  Two fabulous blankets for only $6 each with wicked labels.  And this blue glass ball in rope, just like the old glass fishing floats, only $3.  Then at St Vinnies I found doilies, pearls and a colourful hanky. 
Another crack at wearing BLUE because it is this weeks favourite colour!  
The weather was so mild today 
that I was in short sleeves 
for most of the day.  
I think we even got to 17 or 18 degrees.  

All that BLUE worn with my skull leggings, 
brooch from Threadbear Cottage.
Necklace from Buddha Lounge in Whangamata. 

A promising sight in my garden,
and a very nosy

I am not sure what I will get up to tomorrow 
but what ever it is 
it will be better than having to go to work. 
I love my job, 
don't get me wrong,
 but I love my days off even more!!

So get out there
have some fun!!!


Beth Waltz said...

Do like those leggings skulking* under that intense blue!

*Sorry, caught a pun bug. Just did it commenting on another site. Does sniffing lavender help?

Leeanne said...

True saying for some! Work & no play is so boring! Unless your work IS your play!
It IS very mild, usually by now we have so many quilts on the bed it takes 15mins to get out of bed!
You are owning the blue well.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ok ... I'll move fun to the top of the "To Do" list ... I'm sure no one will mind if the floor's filthy and there's no clean undies ;0)

peaches mcginty said...

LOVE your outfit!! love it! had to type loudly instead as it's 00.33am (not long finished work but I am off for the next 2 days, woop!) I have a thing for doilies! love 'em! have a fabulous 4 day weekend! and let's have some fun, oh yeah! x x x

Goody said...

The tone-on-tone blues (and hell, even purple can be kind of blue-ish)really look great. The draping on the pinafore with the deeper blue peeking out beneath looks like it was designed to be a set (and it WAS, by you!).

Woolens! Oh I am a sucker for good wool blankets.
I'd forgotten how good the woolens are from New Zealand (crazy labels aside), as we don't get much imported here these days. We had a poodle that was deeply, emotionally attached to a pair of fleece slippers brought back as a tourist souvenir by my in-laws, but otherwise, we just don't see much NZ wool.

duchess_declutter said...

All looking good Sue. I love that brooch and the necklace. cheers Wendy