Saturday, 21 June 2014

Time out at the Beach

Friday morning I threw some things into the car, left instructions for Jak on the pets meals and left Hamilton for the Coast.  

My plan was Whangamata.
With a few little
stop offs
on the way,
as you do.

My first stop was at Paeroa because there is a factory shop for Jean Jones clothes.  Yes I do buy new but only when the price is right.  And how right it was.  I got a black slip dress with a ruffle on the hem and a light grey coat dress, both $30 each.  Why pay the original $169 and $189, when $30 is a far more acceptable price??  I visited an op shop but that show and tell follows later.  My next stop was Waihi, where I got these brand new shoes in my friends shop on sale for $39.

My sister Helen and I had pre arranged to meet in Waihi which is what we did.  It was blowing like a bastard down the main street and there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky overhead.  We visited the op shops on offer and generally had a good time.  Once we had finished we both headed over the winding hills to Whangamata.

Before I went to her house I  had to go stand on the beach and breathe in all that beautiful fresh sea air.  It was nothing short of lovely and I had the entire beach to myself. 

My blanket heart filled with Lavender from Julie hangs off the mirror in my car, so in a way I took Julie to the beach, hope you enjoyed it!!

After some lunch and a cuppa we put the dogs in the car and went down town Whangamata.  Whenever I am there I visit two shops, one is Garuda and the other is Buddha Lounge.  And of course the shop Helen manages, Glamour.

This is just a sample of what is in Buddha Lounge, these photos I have borrowed from the shops facebook page so you all get to see the treasure trove of goodies that draws me in the door every time I am in town.

I bought this!!
Trust me
there is so much I would
love to buy
but there is always
next time.

So now for the op shop finds.  In Paeroa I got a Patchwork pattern, yes you heard correct, a patchwork pattern.  I have so many blogging friends that are needle and thread ladies so maybe, just maybe I am being inspired.  It is BRIGHT with appliqued gollies and things  on it!!  With is I got a bag of lace and this fabulous brooch.  I found nothing in Waihi but I did grab this glass teapot at a Whangamata op shop.  They wanted $9!!!  Then the lady started bartering with me, as in offering lower prices, I said sold at $5.  It is brand new.

Then it was time to take the dogs to the beach!!

Clutch should be renamed DIGGER!!

 Beautiful White sand.

Me adding colour to the beach.

 Isn't it just perfect!

I love this place.

 In front of Clark Island!!

Now you have to agree that is pretty good.

It doesn't have to be Summer to enjoy time at the Beach.

TOF loves the Marina full of
Massive Boats.

 Helen gave me all these.

And all of these!!!

It is awesome to have a sister that knows my shoe size and what I like.
The bottom right picture is two pairs of leggings.

I  gave Helen some bits and bobs too,
because that is how us sisters roll.

We dined on a scrumdiddleumpcious casserole for our dinner and kicked back in the lounge for the evening with my BIL (brother in law).  We watched TV, chatted and laughed like we always do when we get together.  I had an awesome nights sleep, I always do when I am near the sea.  But I woke up with a dirty old Migraine.  Helen delivered me pandol and a bucket and let me go back to bed as she had work.  I finally got up at about 2pm, packed the car, said my thanks and good byes to my BIL and the dogs, and went down town.  Said my thanks and farewell to my fabulous sister and left for my drive home.

Thanks again to my sister and my BIL for a lovely break away from the city and big thanks to Whangamata for being the best place to run away to for a day or two.


Goody said...

The seashore in off season is just the best. All the beauty without annoying people.

Your sister has great taste-it must run in the family (those shoes and leggings are especially cool looking).

Angels have Red Hair said...

Sounds like you had a great time ... minus the migraine. There must be something in the air ... I woke up in the early hours of Friday with a doozy of one ... no fun at all. At least you had all your fab purchases and pressies to help you feel better.

peaches mcginty said...

It's a beautiful beach, it really is, I think it's good for the soul to be near the water -
you got some goodies there! I can't wait to see you in them all, separately of course haha! that is such a perfect 'Sue' necklace, it's totally divine! hope you are feeling much better after the migraine too x x x

Julie said...

Thanks for taking me with you on what looked like a pretty awesome trip to the beach Sue :-)
I missed out on the op shop bargains but I still got to see some pretty cool sights. I too, love the beach & it always revitalizes you.
Happy weekend to you x0x0
(p.s lucky you having a sister, I only have brothers)

Leeanne said...

Happy times! Whangamata is a cool place , I have been to the Jazz festival a couple of times. I too raided the opshops, still you got some lovely goodies from your sister that you didn't need to opshop. Good luck with the patchwork pattern!
Glad Julie went with you.

pastcaring said...

Sounds like you had the loveliest time - and look at all the treasures you came home with! Excellent! xxx