Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pee you are pee el ee spells...........

And I wore quite a lot of it today.

I quite like me some

My prancing was temporarily
by Sheba and her ball.

That dog has
endless ENERGY!!

She needs TOF back home
to play with her. 

She has a long wait
for his return
maybe 4 or so more weeks
and for a dog
that is

Under those boots were
my Las Vegas socks
from the lovely Goody
sparklicious bangles
from her too!!

While prancing about out back 
I heard a ruckus inside 
and discovered 
Oscar trying to open the new bag 
of dog biscuits all by himself!!

My hair is long enough to
tie up!!

My big flowers are also
According to the generation above me, at my age I should be sporting a nice short hairstyle and by now wearing a mix of powder blue and beige, in sensible practical styles fitting for someone of my era.  I am supposed to be blending in to the background and being forgotten about as my day is done.


Blogging has given me the balls
to be me!!

Thank you Blogland!
And all  you gorgeous
Bloggers I have met,
and those I have yet to meet!!


Vix said...

Thank god you don't listen to anyone but yourself, I can't imagine a Sue that wasn't colourful and unique! love the Vegas socks and yay for hair long enough to put up! x

Connie said...

Those Las Vegas sox are the Best! Purple is the color of royalty. You are the Queen of cute. Pig tales. You go, Sue! Let those old drones dress in beige. That's all the more color for US!

Autumn said...

You look lovely in purple.

Can't wait to hear how much traffic that title brings...;-)

pastcaring said...

Yes, I love me some purple too! Don't fade into the background, Sue - although somehow I can't imagine that EVER happening! xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Purple is my favourite too and I am also wearing it today! Hooray for purple! I love your outfit and really really want those leggings or tights-I'm assuming leggings. I love the flowers in your hair too!

Poor Sheba. No TOF to play with and can't even properly get into mischief. I'll send my cat over to help. She excels at tearing into packages.

peaches mcginty said...

Blend in?? never!! give me your fabulous-ness every single time! you gorgeous woman, I ADORE you and all your wonderful outfits, purple is the perfect regal colour for the Queen of the Petticoat - and isn't it lovely to have hair in bunchies? I had mine in them the other day, it was bliss x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yay for purple ... I don't think you're the lending into the background type in ANY colour ... and YAY for that too :0)