Saturday, 14 June 2014

What a busy old Saturday

Woke up to another beautiful SUNNY day!!
Bring it on!!

It was so nice and warm
that I had to dig out a t-shirt to wear.

So many gorgeous little Sparrows were
hanging around down the back of the garden
when I fed the chickens.
They LOVE chook food!

The fur children were enjoying the warmth
from the sunshine!!

I visited my lovely friend Anne
who has been away overseas and she gave
me gifts!!
How cute are the girls?
how fabulous is my original Paris Art??

I went to Jaks Rugby
and the came

Sweet Sparrows and lovely afternoon skies.

I was going out this evening
and couldn't decide
what to wear.
Outfit number One!

Outfit number Two.
This one won so I went dressed in this.

I went to the most fabulous and fun little Burlesque Show tonight and this was the very entertaining compere for the evening.  I have not been to anything like this for quite some years and it was so much fun.  One of the performers works with a good friend of mine and I have met her the once, she was brilliant.  Her sister did the most beautiful fan dance, just gorgeous.  What a bunch of lovely confident and talented women that entertained and wooed the crowd. So wish I could have taken photos to share with you all.  Think I shall be going again!!



Beth Waltz said...

Tra la! At last I can say, "Sue, I've a pair of shoes just like yours!" The black strapped fabric flats, which I refer to as my Chinese walking shoes, have carried me through many an evening trek across the mean sidewalks of Chicago. They work well paired with a pretty evening outfit such as yours.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Hee hee thats my gorgeous friend den as compere.. I would have gone if john wasn't trying to finish his fricken reports!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...
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OP SHOP MAMA said...
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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

He must be a very good friend OSM!! :D
If you go again I'll come! :D

Leeanne said...

LOVE love the first skirt.

Angels have Red Hair said...

We've got the sunshine here today ... but it's freezing ... definitely no t-shirts ... just jumpers.

pastcaring said...

All the outfits are fab, and your evening out sounds like fun! Gorgeous skies, birds, and fur babies too! xxx

Goody said...

You've convinced me that my wardrobe needs leggings-I'm going to give the layered look a try. Both outfits are great, I can't pick a favourite.

Sounds like a fun evening out.