Monday, 16 June 2014

A good old fashioned Waikato Fog....

...greeted me when I awoke and opened the curtains.

My plan for today was go to my physio appointment then come home and sort my clothes, and guess what I actually achieved what I planned.  I have delivered two huge bags of stuff to Habitat for Humanity and have another huge bag to go into RTBS the shop I used to work in.  I feel pretty good that I have culled the winter wardrobe.

I had time to stop and take some fog photos on my way to my appointment this morning.  Hamilton is well known for FOG so I am very used to it, and actually don't mind it.  Things look all magical and mysterious if you want them to.  I try to look for the upside of every situation.

The Waikato River always looks lovely, 
fog or no fog, 
and the ducks did not mind one bit.

Someone had painted the trunk of this tree, 
not something I like,
but there was an upside.
It is very Dr Seuss
so that made me smile. 

Photos taken
it was time to go to physio.

Another lovely massage 
at the hands of my delightful physio.
With that done I
 came and got stuck into the sort of my clothes.  

It took FOREVER!!

During my lunch break I discovered a parcel at my door.
I knew this was coming but had no idea what it would be so very exciting.

 Parcel number one.
Some fabulous reading for me to bury my nose in tonight!!

Parcel number two.
Brown paper bag containing
a parcel wrapped in
Now that is a winner right there.

Then it was one of those OMG moments.
Just look at the beautiful bag.
This is so going out with me tomorrow.
Then inside there was

The most amazing smelling handmade soap,
Threadbear Cottage note paper,
a cute as cat that TOF can not object to living here,
a hanging heart filled with Lavender.

This absolutely gorgeous parcel of generosity and handmade loveliness came from Julie who has the most delightful blog and she lives in the mighty Waikato. 

Thanks Julie

I was participant  of the above Pay it forward.  Now it is my turn to Pay it forward to 3 different people, so if you would like to receive a hand made gift from me let me know.  The rules are: you must  Pay it forward to 3 other people and have an active blog. You have a year in which to make the gifts so it makes it very achievable, the sort of goals I like!!  Simple pimple really.

Almost forgot, but there was a beautiful hand made card,
and I followed the instruction.


Following instructions is new for me.


Beth Waltz said...

I'm glad you admitted to liking the Seuss tree! One can't help smiling at it.

You've certainly succeeded in making the most of the fog wrapped river scenes. One can smell the water and hear the ducks!

Julie said...

Oh I am so glad you did follow the instruction & open the packages first Sue :-)
Your photos are great & I really enjoyed making this P.I.F. gift for you & the fact that you loved it too was just such a bonus. I am glad Kayne dropped it off at just the right time to give you a wee break in between sorting all your clothes out !! Have a great week x0x

Leeanne said...

Oh misty Hamilton, I remember all too well from when I lived there years ago. You have the right attitude about the weather etc, after all there is no such thing as 'bad' weather, it's just weather!
Lucky you to receive one of Julie's fine gifts! Doesn't she go all out. Gosh I bet you love the bag, will look fab with those purple boots of yours.

Shawna McComber said...

I like mist and fog too. We get it here often in Autumn and Winter. Your photos are pretty and I do rather like that Dr Seuss looking tree too, as long as the paint isn't going to harm the tree.
What fun to get surprise parcels and gifts! You've got some treasures!