Thursday, 12 June 2014

Why does it always rain on Supermarket shopping day??

Except today the rain managed to stop long enough for me to load my car with a weeks worth of supplies and even unload it when I got home!

Supermarket shopping without getting wet.

Which makes me smile
and strangers
look at me like I am 
the ODD one!

I guess that means
I like me!

A fellow supermarket shopper
my Purple boots.

Yay for Purple Boots!!
Wave Envy!

The rain stopped long enough
for me to prance
about in the back yard!

Some people do housework
I prefer to Prance!!
So much better for you.

Todays accessories were
a Scrummage of brooches with a Mexican theme,
gorgeous Mala,
fabulous striped sox inside
those boots,
as I just don't do pantyhose.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

The rain returned
so I did very little indoors.

Like taking photos.

Of some of the things I love in my home.

And a SuesDay!!
For two!!


Leeanne said...

I am also in love with your purple boots!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I like rain too ... as long as I don't have anywhere I need to be and can stay indoors. Does the rain interfere with your totally glamorous waves??

pastcaring said...

Smiling (and singing, hopefully) in the rain, prancing, wavy hair, and purple boots - you are my kinda gal, Sue! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Yay to prancing about! much better than sodding housework any day - your wavy hair is rocking my world too and your purple boots (and the outfit, and you!!) Looking forward to Suesday antics already x x x ps your home is gorgeous, I love your 'family forever' too x x x

Connie said...

That purple topper is really great. I just love the rain and it looks like the rain loves you.

Shawna McComber said...

I like you, I like rain, I like smiling, I like your wavy hair, I like the cool things around your home and I like your wardrobe. That's a lot to like!

Vix said...

I like smiling in the rain and purple boots! You look fab in your layers! xxx