Sunday, 6 July 2014

Goodbye weekend its been nice!

Of course for me my weekend still carries on tomorrow.
Yay for me!!

TOF has been home for the weekend but heading back up north in the morning.  Only for two weeks this time so that should be much easier to deal with.  

We had a nice relaxing and also productive weekend. 

Saturday morning after a leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs we headed out to the shopping centre near where we live.  TOF needed some new casual trainer type shoes as his were totally knackered. In fact I made him put them in the bin and wear the new ones out of the shop.  Brand spanking sparkling bright white!!  We had coffee and cake at a very nice cafe and then wandered through the mall where I found the above Jelly boots.  On sale for only, good saying that one, only $35!!  I can walk in puddles in these babies!!

Of course the afternoon saw us both sideline at Jaks rugby game.

The weather was inconsistent for us supports with the rain arriving, then the wind, then it all disappeared and it was pleasant again.  The game was good but a bit to much argy bargy for my liking and adults on the sideline loudly voicing their opinions was really starting to get on my nerves.  If TOF hadn't been there I probably would have told them all to pull their heads in but he was there and I had to behave!

Today rocked up and turned on the sunshine, so there was a reasonable amount of sitting on the deck enjoying hot drinks in between spots of gardening, and kicking the ball for Sheba.  I picked  a pile of Lemons and we planted piles of Strawberry plants.

The man about the house toiled away in the garden, 
pruning and weeding the vege plot 
with Sheba keeping a close eye on him all the time.

 The trailer got filled up all ready for a dump run.
The hung over youth decided to water blast the concrete.
And the girls ventured out into the back yard.

Just so you know I wasn't sitting
on my tush doing nothing,
I remade the bed with fresh linen and a new duvet cover.
Oh and I baked scones,
sultana ones for my hardworking lads.

This sight made me smile.
(his washing finally got done)
Good lad,
all part of that training program
for independent living!! 

This evening we feasted on a delicious Pork roast, one from our pig we grew.  Both lads were home for dinner with mummy and daddy!!  Really nice to be altogether for no reason other than having a good meal and enjoying each others company.  Desert was apple crumble with Ginger nut Ice Cream, and OMG that ice cream was amazeball!!

For all you poor buggers that have to go to work tomorrow!!
(because I feel for you)


Beth Waltz said...

Persons who are clever enough to acquire useful little red carts certainly deserve to also acquire useful little floral jellies for "only" $35. Well done, Sue!
I covet them both!

Angels have Red Hair said...

There's a sight for sore eyes ... a boy hanging out his own laundry ... and he looks like he's doing a proper job of it ... bonus :0)

Wee Wendy said...

Quite right to enjoy the weather when you can. I missed the sun today; wimbledon final and a slight hangover... Oh well, hopefully it'll shine tomorrow! I love your boots by the way x

pastcaring said...

Jelly DMs! Who knew they existed?!
Sounds like a pleasant and productive weekend - love that quilt cover, and the scones look delicious! xxx

Julie said...

Yes wasnt the weather great Sue ... nice to see the sun out. You are acquiring quite an enviable boot collection there. I did laugh at the washing hung up ... they never shake out anything & it just hangs there with all its creases !!! Makes me smile. Love your scones too x0x

Goody said...

Learning to manage laundry and other household skills is important for boys. My dad's generation never learned to do these things, and when my mum died, he really had a difficult time figuring out laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping. Looks like your son is doing a very good job with the laundry.

I love the floor in your bedroom. I can't tell from the photo if it is carpet, a rug, or really fancy lino, but whatever it is, it is absolutely beautiful.

Shawna McComber said...

You have made me very hungry so I'm on my way over for some of that delicious food! Your new bedding looks very pretty and your whole weekend looks and sounds lovely.