Friday, 4 July 2014

Sunshine, and on a Friday!!

I love Friday.  

For starters I don't have to go to work, oh yeah!!  I got up at 6am to feed the animals, grab my newspaper and a cuppa, then back to bed I went, Mmmmm!!!  Jak went to work, goodbye 'Sucker' and I went back to sleep, because I could!!

I had my breakfast (at 9:30am) on the deck in the beautiful Winter sunshine, so I apologise to Winter for being such a bitch about it being cold, you are forgiven for allowing the sunshine to visit my back yard.  My washing was hanging about on the line dancing in the breeze and basically having a jolly old time.  Tex joined me and the dogs, he discovered those new steps and retired for the morning.

I went out to drop some things off at Habitat and then went and got TOF some Aniseed Wheels, they are his favourite lolly.  Whizzed back home and had lunch outside totally making the most of the good weather.  I managed to drag myself away from the warmth of the back yard and did the housework.  YES you heard correct, I cleaned!!!!!!!

Did I mention I scored these boots??

Well I did managed to visit
two Op Shops while out and picked these up
for $6, bargin!!

Tex stayed on those stairs 
and the sun continued to shine in the palest, 
clear blue sky.

I love you Winter!!

Yeah, Friday takes a bit of beating
when the sun is shining!!

Have a fabulous weekend.
TOF is home
so life is good in this house.


Wee Wendy said...

Happy Weekend to you too m'dear, sitting looking all pretty in pink! It's pouring here today so my breakfast was had indoors, in socks (you know it's cold when the socks go on...) Have a good one! x

pastcaring said...

That's better! Sounds like a good way to spend a Friday. Look at gorgeous Tex lounging on those steps, such a lovely boy! Have great weekend with TOF. xxx

Goody said...

See? You frightened winter into better behavior! Sometimes you have to lecture a bit to get the obedience you want. I've tried standing on the patio waving my fist at the rain and yelling, but mostly I look bonkers, so clearly the magic does not work for me.

Have a great weekend with TOF.

PS-I *knew* the cat would find the stairs first.

Connie said...

Is there anything more yummy than getting up on a chilly morning, grabbing a bit of breakfast and then hopping right back into that bed? Mmmmmmm...Have a lovely weekend.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yay things are looking up ... enjoy your weekend :0)