Thursday, 10 July 2014

I gave in and joined in with Grey...

...with black
but topped off with

From my feet up, I wore my $6 boots, very comfy indeedy, striped footless tights, black Jean Jones slip dress, Silk grey and black dress, with Aubergine boiled wool coat.  Perfectly layered for the temperature that was on offer today.

Layers are the best way to go
for someone like me 
that is hot one minute and cold the next!

Why do tights always slip down so I get a baggy crutch going on??

Maybe this is why I wear leggings
rather than tights
with or without feet in them!

Necklace is from my sister Helen,
and the happy face is
all natural
the knowledge that my working week is

Got to love a Charity shop that is having a half price sale!!

Not another sheet so don't panic
it is a pillow slip.

Cobalt Blue merino top down to $3
and all the rest came to $2.
I know
I really went all out today and spent up large.



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Good look, good haul, good end of the working week, just plain 'good' all round really xx

Leeanne said...

Looking fine & dandy today! yes the saggy grouch is an issue!
Cute little doiley, gee what a big spender your were.

pastcaring said...

Ha, last of the big spenders there, Sue! Don't you just love coming home with a little bag of treasure that makes you happy but costs bugger all?
Lovely layering, the longline cardi is a gorgeous colour, and a baggy crotch is better than no crotch at all (think of Helga and her hungry growler!) Xxxx

Vix said...

Grey isn't dull at all when its worn as well as you do. Those boots are fabulous! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Dang it woman! your outfits are rocking!! you always look flaming wonderful, you make me giddy with excitement! this one is a beauty, I'm with you on layers (well, a cardi for me hehe!) these flushes I'm getting lately are a bugger, I'm actually sweating (I'm not kidding, I never used to sweat!!) well done on the half price chazzing, I still can't get over the £29.99 tag for a pair of shoes in one of ours the other day, shocking! x x x

Shawna McComber said...

I am not the least bit surprised that I love this outfit! I love layers too, not only because my temps fluctuate but because I just love the way they look, especially the kind of layers you do.

I have had leggings that slip and get all saggy in the crotch too. It's quite annoying. I do wear opaque black tights in winter and always buy the control top kind because they are the only kind that ever stay up.

Goody said...

I once had a salesgirl announce to me for no obvious reason that she felt like her "crotch is about to fall out." I don't know if she meant an issue with tights, or if it was pregnancy, or why she felt I needed to be the one to know about it. And now I'm sharing the story with you ;)

I like the way you paired grey with purple (and boiled wool is just the *best*)and black.

Please, please, PLEASE make the Retro '52 dress out of zebra print. Pretty please?