Friday, 11 July 2014

Tag your own wall.

This morning I sat in bed and waived the kid off as he grumbled something about me being lucky and him going to work. Yeah, nah nah nah nah nah!  My Friday's are turning into a slightly laid back thing of late, guess that is because with TOF away I can behave BADLY!!  

When I finally got up the day was unfolding into a little beauty!!

Just look at that pretty blue sky!
And much to my sheer delight I discovered
fragrant flowers are blooming
in my garden.

Two of my all time favourites too!!

Oscar vacated the nest he had made himself
in the middle of my bed,
to come outside to oversee me hanging
out all the washing.

He overheated and retreated indoors
to the cold wooden floor.

 With my domestic tasks undertaken
it was time to play in the sunshine on offer.

Get the chalk out!!!

As if I needed any confirmation that today was brilliant.
But the weekend is doomed.
More rain but still mild.

 I have a bumper crop of Lemons,
and Spring bulbs
pushing out of the soil everywhere.

'Tis a good sign!!

Tex and I enjoyed the sunny stairs together.
He was happy that I was a
'Stay at home Mum'
for the day.

Because all was good in my world
I had chips and a chocolate biscuit for morning tea.
In my world you can even add sugar
to your hot drink.

That is how we roll in my world!!
(you are all welcome to join me)

Next thing the weather had gone from
fabulous to foul.

Well it clouded over and got colder.

As you know
nothing lasts forever.

At least all my washing got dry!

(Chocolate Brown knitted dress, more tights to bag at the crotch, and hamsa hand necklace)

With my sunshine on a temporary vacay
I headed off to visit a couple
of op shops.
Well what else did you think I would go do,
(are you all nuts?)

Don't you just love a reheat of last nights dinner
for your lunch?

Jak took the bulk of it to work
so I had to have another
Rocky Road

 This afternoon saw my going Country.
I had a couple of Trade Me purchases to go and collect.

The sky was brewing.

A fabulous under skirt,
actually a bridal one and she asked
'are you getting married'
ah no,
this shall just be getting the layering treatment!!

And a blue lightweight quilt
for our bed.
Poor TOF has put up with being
under Pink for long enough.
(our current quilt is Pink!)

So that was my

Jak told me off for drawing on the wall he water blasted last weekend.
My response
"chill out"

So lets get laughing!

For all you blogger friends.
May we be there
for each other for a long time.


Leeanne said...

another colourful giggly post!
Gosh at least you got some sun ours is hidden!

Julie said...

Yes Sue your blog posts always bring a smile to my face :-)
And that is MY kinda morning tea too. We had nasty weather over here today. LOVE your chalk drawing on the wall ... happy weekend to you x0x

Beth Waltz said...

A fine Friday morning at home, indeed! Lots of lemons for curd, a plump and prosperous pussy cat, lovely flowers, line-dried clothes and ta dah! chalk!

A box of 72 crayons (sharpener incl.) is good, but a box of 5 sidewalk chalks...and you even get to doodle on a wall!

That pix of the old dear sorting out the other OD's garters is beyond words. I'd bet many US$ they both have boned corsets.

Vix said...

What a groove-tastic outfit! Enough to bring sunshine and warmth to the most miserable tossers!
The pendant is gorgeous, I'm in awe of your lemons and laughing at you lying in bed and letting the kid get on with it!
Happy weekend! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ha ... my kids say much the same when they leave for school if I'm still in bed ... I just tell them it's the payback for enduring childbirth ... shuts them right up :0)

Shawna McComber said...

So much that is delightful here! Please be my friend who reaches up under my skirt to straighten my knickers whenever I need it! LOL
Love your chalk art and your outfit and all your photos and your Trade Me Finds and now I am really really hungry with no chocolate biscuits on hand. Grrr.

You are the only person I know who makes doing the wash look fun. You are awesome!

Goody said...

Do you do anything special with the lemons like salt preserve them, or marmalade? If I had a steady supply I'd probably be looking for exotic uses for them. Not that there's anything wrong with lemonade.

The chalk is great fun-and you look like you're having a wonderful time.