Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pearls and Fur during the week??

Yes indeedy
I wore me some Pearls
and threw
some Possum on my shoulders!!
(I was going to say pearl necklace and fur, but imagine the disappointment for googlers!!)

All this with some Black, White, and Red, and of course Spots and Stripes. Today's feature was my RED BOOTS! I have been wary of wearing high footwear as my dodgy ankle was putting me off.  You will be pleased to know that I did not fall over or roll my ankle once.  Maybe I am good to go with my higher heels!!  Hope so, I have a few.  I do love my black Possum Skins!  I got them off Trade Me last year and I have simply joined them so a tail hangs down my back and man my shoulders are kept warm when I wear it.

The great un-layering
or is that the

Today after work I drove out to Ohaupo about a 10 minute drive south of Hamilton. I was meeting some friends that are getting married out at Windy Ridge out there tomorrow and I was checking out the venue.  What a beautiful place for a wedding, and the decorating was going well when I left.  So I am off to a Wedding tomorrow, woohoo!!!!

I was early so I decided that I would have myself some lunch. The cafe is inside Clock World so there was a lot of ticking and chiming going on, not that it bothered me. I found myself a nice spot in the sun with a window and feasted on smoked chicken Panini and had a lovely Mocca.  The lady said my spot in the sun would be perfect for a cat, so I promised her I wouldn't sit on the table!  I was going to say and lick my....but thought maybe not!!

I called in at an old fashioned Church Op Shop in Glenview today.  The sort that is cash only and cheap as pricing.  The doilies were all 50 cents each, the straw dolls were 50 cents for the lot, the black daisy trim is attached to a skirt and there is lots of it and it will be unpicked was $2.  Only want the trim not the skirt.  The gloves were cheap and they are like a mesh, I have a couple of people that are in the running to get them.  I also got an Arron hand knitted mans cardigan with a  full length zip in the front that Jak has decided he likes that was only $3!!  Insane!  When this little shop is good it is GOOD!!!

On my way home I detoured to Hamilton Lake, well Lake Rotoroa to be exact!  The gardens are stunning at the moment and I take my hat off to the City Council Gardeners that maintain our city parks and reserves.  Just look at the colour and the shapes.  I love that our round abouts and traffic islands get planted in colour.  I used to think I should have been a city council gardener.

This is the old Entrance to the Lake Domain.  I love the roots that have grown down the sides and the old stones that were used.  An original part of the City.  Generations of Hamiltonians have relaxed Lake side over the years, played in the play grounds, fed the numerous ducks, and walked the paths.

 Spring bulbs are even growing on the top of it.

This is a reasonably new sculpture at the lake.  Sorry to say I do not know what it is called or what it represents as I could not find anything to tell me such information.  But it is a Maori design and I like it.  It is big and bold and such a statement.  Hamilton has plenty of sculptures, some I like and some I am not so keen on.  Hey but that is art, not to everyone's taste.  Sure does create conversation tho'.

So true!
Glad you all got a giggle about the petting charts.


Vix said...

I'm having trouble reading your text today - my poor old eyes can't make out the words with the sun beating down on my screen. Instead I'll admire your red boots ! xxx

pastcaring said...

Spots, stripes, and red boots - fabulous! Love the photo of you in the sunny spot in the cafe, well done for not climbing on the table and licking anything you shouldn't!
Gorgeous gardens at the lake too. xxx

Helga said...

Fur and pearls are perfect for everyday, just ask Queenie!
MMMMMMM, boots, as in the right red boots, are my dream. These are pretty much perfect!

Angels have Red Hair said...

You look like a glamorous Hollywood starlet in your pearls and fur. I love pearls ... even at the times when they go "out of fashion" I love them. Your red boots are the best ... but I agree ... dodgy ankles and heels don't always mix well ... I'm glad you stayed upright :0)

Wee Wendy said...

I see quite a few similarities between your neck of the woods and mine Sue, which feels really strange considering how far apart we are! You've inspired me to take note of our roundabouts when I'm out tomorrow and I'll be sure to have a coffee in a very similar looking cafe as well! x

peaches mcginty said...

You look splendiferous!!! love the whole everything, you are rocking it all, and yes the google searches are hilarious, I checked the traffic source once and one of mine was for big bosoms, mortifying and totally hilarious - love the pic of you having a coffee x x x

Leeanne said...

Now I have RED BOOT envy!!! Love em!

Goody said...

Ah yes, I've learned a few new expressions I never knew through Google search hits to my blog. Thank god it wasn't a sheared beaver stole. Ahem...

Red boots! You can't go wrong with red to begin with, but boots? Magnificent.

Shawna McComber said...

There you go again, making me covet your clothes! You make me want colder weather so I can put on my layers!

I love all your photos and feeling like I am going on a little outing with you to cafes and op shops and lovely parks. There is a hospital thrift shop just down the road from me and I have never been to it. Isn't that odd? Instead I get in my car and go further into town.