Saturday, 19 July 2014

It sure was a nice day for a White Wedding!!

Yesterday I was a Wedding photographer at my friends beautiful youngest daughters wedding.  I will admit being slightly nervous at being responsible for the photos.  I am so not a professional, in any sense of the word!!  I spent the day with the most amazing bunch of fun loving gorgeous young people, experiencing the before antics of both sides of the wedding party.  As a mother of sons I will not get the frou frou experience of make up, hair, and all the pre wedding girl stuff.  So I feel truly blessed to have been a part of such a lovely event. I was rather pleased at my photographs too.

The gorgeous young newly weds.

Photo booth fun!
An absolute must at any wedding.

Anyway, Weddings stir up all sorts of emotions.  It made me reflect on my own very lovely laid back affair 20 something years ago at home in our very own garden of the first home we owned.  Then I got looking back even further and found this collection of beautiful old family Wedding Photos.

Not sure who in the family this is but just look at those 
glorious bouquets of flowers 
and gorgeous hats.

This is my great grandmother Gladys Mae's Wedding.
(my Grandpa Bills mum)

My Grandparents
Lilian (Lil) and William (Bill)

My sisters and I playing pretend wedding
in Grandmas wedding dress.
(that is how cool grandma was)

I love this one.
My Nana (Ada) is the little girl standing 3rd in on the left.
This is her oldest sisters Wedding
a huge family affair.

Horace and Ada's Wedding
(my dads parents, my nana and pop)

Horace's youngest brothers wedding. 

My Parents on their big day.

Weddings have certainly changed over the years but the one thing that stays the same is the reason people get married I guess.  To have a bloody good big party!!  Joking.  The thing I like now tho' is that you do not have to get married, it is not frowned upon to not go ahead and plunge into it.  You can, well in New Zealand, marry your same sex partner.  What ever or who ever, you get to have one fabulous day surrounded with friends and family, so that in itself should be a great thing.  All I know is it doesn't matter how big or small the wedding is, or how much you do or don't spend, it is what you do that counts the most.  At the end of the day a marriage should be how you want it to be, it is after all your day.  And for those that choose not to marry, that to is fine, the world would be such a boring old place if we were all the same and did the exact same things!

Oh and I get to do this wedding photographer gig
all over again in another 10 weeks
as the other daughter is getting married.


Julie said...

Well that is really strange that you gave your post that title as I remembered you had a wedding to attend yesterday at Ohaupo & I was outside working (yesterday), & I thought to myself "well its a great day for a white wedding" thinking of you Sue. I think your photos look amazing - how wonderful & what an honour that you got asked.

Beth Waltz said...

What wonderful photos, Sue, both yours and those marvelous relicts of times past when women wore hats. HATS!

Wee Wendy said...

Lovely! But what about your wedding picture? I was waiting patiently, expecting it to be the last one, awww! You have a talent there Sue, the pic you took is just lovely x

Shawna McComber said...

You take great photos and I would love to have you as my official photographer any day! It looks like the wedding you recently photographed was a lovely one and the bride and groom are gorgeous! What a lovely collection of family wedding photos you have and some splendid looking weddings! Where is your wedding photo?

peaches mcginty said...

They are a beautiful couple and you did great! I love photo's that reflect the joy of the day, they are the best! I loved all of the other photo's too, how beautiful! the bridal dresses are all utterly beautiful, just imagine the detail! your Nan was so cool letting you play in hers and your Mums dress! she is so beautiful and your Dad is so handsome - I agree with you though, there is no need to get married at all, but if you want to, always do it YOUR way! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ooooh ... I'd be nervous too, such a responsibility ... but it must be a great high when they come out beautifully ... as I'm sure they will. I hope you show us some more.
Which little blonde poppet are you in the photo ... I can't tell cause you all look so alike. And YES where are your wedding pics??? That must be tomorrow's post ;0)

Goody said...

Oh goodness, these are such wonderful treasures.

What a great honour being invited to be the photographer at a wedding-you DO take such lovely photographs, I'd hire you without a doubt.

The woman at the far right of the photo of Gladys Mae's wedding does not look pleased. Must have been the mother-in-law ;)

The Green-Molloy's said...

Oh wow gorgeous post - excellent job being photography firstly!! Love, love, love the family history pics of weddings - so delightful!!