Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What's your screen saver?

Mine keeps changing
as I keep taking photos.

But at the moment it is my

Lean in nice and close,
can you smell
the fragrance??

Nice aye.

Today I wore this colourful combo to work.

The sun was shining
so all was good in my corner of the world.

Remember my $1 lounge suite, well today I scored some covers for the pink chairs in a sale.  Both totaled less than the normal retail for one. I have been waiting for them to come down in price so I am pretty tickled pink! Or is that blue?  Anyway Sheba is happy and at least I can take them off to wash them and de-dogify them as and when they need it.

Even the lads at work commented on these ones.

I am loving Cobalt Blue with Hot Pink.

 And I chucked on
the cartoon leggings to mix it all up.
Tomorrow is my Airport day for work and apparently the Reps for the company we have the contract with will be there.  My boss jokingly sad I will have to be on my best behavior.  I told him I promise not to wear a onesie and animal slippers to work.  I am not intimidated by the fact that they will be there, hope they buy me morning tea!!!

I plan to intimidate them!!


Beth Waltz said...

Those blue shoes are most definitely the only -- the only!--choice for footwear to compliment those leggings. Well chosen, and well worn!

Vix said...

Beth's right, those shoes look ace with the leggings.
My screensaver is an old montage of travel photos we took in Mumbai. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well I'm loving the hot pink/cobalt blue combination too ... you wear it exceedingly well :0)

Helga said...

Bloody love daphne, such a gloriarse scent!!!
My current work screensaver is a picture of my beloved Elsa Bilgren in a brown gingham frock, and at home it's an old pic of G and I at Sarah's house a few years back.
Those leggings are sublime, darl!

Julie said...

Hiya Sue - my white daphne is in full bloom but I lost my pink one, yours is looking fab.
I love your outfit ... I often wonder if the chaps at work have bets on which colour combo you will be wearing before you arrive each day - you must certainly brighten their day.
Great to see Sheba "testing" the new lounge covers !!!

Shawna McComber said...

OH daphne smells soooo lovely! I am leaning into the screen and sniffing! Here it blooms in February and March so I have awhile to wait for it!

You look fantastic in pink and blue! The chairs look fantastic in blue! I love those leggings and the blue shoes! I nearly bought some blue shoes on Saturday but they were out of my size. SUCH a disappointment.